Susan Collins, Sexism and Firedoglake updated

Senator Susan Collins has launched an attack on Firedoglake (link added). Good luck with that, Susan. This has been brewing for a couple of days, but started with the following insult.

Markos Moulitsas's hate-site The Daily Kos, the foul-mouthed fem-blog FiredogLake, and other ‘netroots' extremists like, have become the dominant fundraisers for Tom Allen's senate campaign. This may be good news for Allen financially, but allowing these fringe fanatics to take over his campaign is creating a political atmosphere that will undoubtedly be rejected by Maine voters come next November.

Collins is obviously channeling Joe Lieberman.

However, calling Firedoglake a "foul-mouthed fem-blog" is not only sexist and demeaning to Jane Hamsher who founded the blog, as well as Christy Hardin Smith who is a featured blogger, but it dismisses the power of Firedoglake and the issues the blog trumpets, which begins with action alerts that mobilize citizens to push back on Congress when they don't do their job. The power they have to create firestorms around legislation that matters to the American public has been proven time and again. When you add their checkbook power come election season, not to mention the interviews with progressive candidates, Firedoglake is one of the most serious political blogs on either side of the aisle.

The tone of Susan Collins' minion strikes at the very core of what Firedoglake has accomplished. They have earned not only respect throughout the progressive blogosphere, but of tens of thousands of readers and activists across this country. It is not a small matter that the blog also lends a platform to guest voices on serious issues that are rarely covered, which recently brought forth an important post on the Utah mine collapse. Jane opened the pages of her blog to me on many occasions, as has Christy, so I know their commitment to progressive causes first hand.

But dismissing females doing serious work in politics seems to be catching on lately.

Today, Firedoglake released a press release demanding Collins fire the cretin who launched an attack on their credibility and threatened the site's viability; which also just happens to be one of the most powerful female owned blogs in progressive politics.

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