Video: Larry Craig’s mensroom rules.

Boston Legal fans, catch this…

Either David E. Kelley is a genius (which he is), or Larry Craig is channeling David Dean Bottrell out of the blue. In Craig’s Clinton beauty, it was 1999 and Boston Legal, the Spader-Shatner years, weren’t even birthed yet.

Come on, doesn’t Larry Craig remind you of someone?

The minute I heard the tape on “Hardball” I thought of it.

If you’re a Boston Legal fan you’ll know to whom I’m referring. Remember
that wonderful character who
killed his next door neighbor? The woman he was stalking? The guy who just loved
Shirley, too? This guy.

Larry Craig is the spitting image of that character in the YouTube above; minus the murder, plug
in the bathroom tango instead. Unmistakable likeness, if you ask me.

As for Craig climbing all over (sorry) Clinton on that old 1999 “Meet the Press” tape, who’s the “bad boy,” the “naughty boy,” the “nasty, bad, naughty boy” now?