It’s All Just One Big Misunderstanding updated below

The guy on the left is just an innocent guy in a picture with Senator Larry Craig who isn’t.

Roll Call broke the story, but another “family values” Republican
just got busted. Well, not “just,” since it happened in June and it’s
been on the hush-hush. Via MSNBC:

“My experience has shown that individuals engaging in lewd conduct use
their bags to block the view from the front of their stall,” Karsnia
stated in his report. “From my seated position, I could observe the shoes
and ankles of Craig seated to the left of me.”

Craig was wearing dress pants with black dress shoes.

“At 1216 hours, Craig tapped his right foot. I recognized this as a
signal used by persons wishing to engage in lewd conduct. Craig tapped his
toes several times and moves his foot closer to my foot. I moved my foot up
and down slowly. While this was occurring, the male in the stall to my right
was still present. I could hear several unknown persons in the restroom that
appeared to use the restroom for its intended use. The presence of others
did not seem to deter Craig as he moved his right foot so that it touched
the side of my left foot which was within my stall area,” the report

, by Countdown

has more, including a
photo that is hilarious

The way the Republicans are going, with Mark Foley and all the other perverts,
we’re going to have to inaugurate the George Michael hall of shame pretty soon.
It’s fitting that these guys are all the first to jump on every anti gay legislation
that comes forth.

had Craig’s number a long time ago.

is just bad, as only the general can be.

UPDATE: It’s been a work day for me, so I’ve been getting lots of emails about Romney possibly scrubbing his presidential campaign site of all Larry Craig references. If you see anything else post it in the comments. Craig’s endorsement video of Romney has been nuked. Also, Craig has released a statement. Hold on, it’s a beauty:

“I should have had the advice of counsel in resolving this matter. In hindsight, I should not have pled guilty. I was trying to handle this matter myself quickly and expeditiously.”Larry Craig