imagines what it might be like tonight:

Dave: What was the deal with all that cleavage earlier this summer?

Hillary: I think the fact that the front-runner for the nomination of one
of our two parties is facing a question about cleavage is a sign of progress…
Or: If an American president can’t flash a little cleavage, the terrorists
win. Or: You mean the Rack of Freedom? Or: Dave, this kind of question is
a classic example of the patriarchal double standard faced by women who assume
positions of power in America. I’d prefer to focus on the future of this country.
On the other hand, I do have a killer rack.

Her point on Obama is hilarious:

Dave: What was your feud with Barack Obama about?

Hillary: I just had to set him straight about a few things. He’d make a
great addition to the ticket, but I had to let him know that the days of the
VP running things are coming to an end.

Then there is the
top 10 list
. No doubt it will be interesting, maybe even entertaining. Clinton’s supposed to have a wicked sense of humor. I hope she has the chance to unleash it.