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Here Come the Iraq Ads

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These ads are deadly. They’re also from a White House front group, something I know a hell of a lot about. Many of you know my work from the 2006 election and my anti swiftboating campaigns. Well, Ari Fleischer has stepped up to pimp once again for the president. Americablog has more from Tom Matzzie, who is (**cough**) thanking Fleischer for his flacking. It’s priceless.

So if you want to know how Republicans win battles this is a good lesson. When
Congress runs astray from White House policy, the president’s minions target
them. This is a lesson for Reid, but also Pelosi, as Democrats get weak and
the Blue Dog Democrats ponder aligning against the country’s own interest and
our soldiers on Iraq. That’s why Stoller’s Bush dog campaign is so important over at Open Left.

By the way, the BlogAd on the left hand margin is from good people fighting this fight
with us. Visit their website
and show your support.

Below is the White House hit list, starting with congressional member, the market the ad will run in, gross ratings
points of the ad purchased, and total money to be invested. I received the information
via email.


Wilson; Albuquerque; 1,271; $254,190

Collins; Bangor; 1,413; $105,995

Collins; Portland; 1,443; $158,780

Snowe; Bangor; 1,413; $105,995

Snowe; Portland; 1,443; $158,780

Grassley; Cedar; Rapids; 1,182 $118,165

Grassley; Des Moines; 1,671; $200,520

Grassley; Sioux City; 1,035; $56,925

Latham; Des Moines; 1,671; $200,520

Ehlers; Grand Rapids; 1,014; $177,435

Specter; Harrisburg-Lancaster; 1,560; $226,265

Specter; Philadelphia; 1,230; $922,325

Specter; Pittsburgh; 1,117; $251,290

Platts; Harrisburg-Lancaster; 1,560; $226,265

Coleman; Minneapolis; 818; $220,750

Ramstad; Minneapolis; 818; $220,750

Gerlach; Philadelphia; 1,230; $922,325

Murphy; Pittsburgh; 1,117; $251,290

Porter; Las Vegas; 241; $63,900

Heller; Reno; 1,382; $138,210

LaTourette/Voinovich; Youngstown; 471 $32,935

Walsh; Syracuse; 1,450; $144,955

Kuhl; Rochester; 1,560; $187,235

Davis/Warner; Washington D.C.; 557; $473,570

Smith, Gordon; Bend 1,473; $66,285

Smith, Gordon; Medford; 1,860; $83,710

Pryor; Little Rock; 2,158; $351,420

Gilchrest Salisbury 2245 $145,925

Wilson; Albuquerque; 1,271; $254,190

Dole /Inglis; Greenville-Spartanburg; 868 $108,470

Bachmann; Minneapolis; 818 $220,750

McConnell; Lexington; 1,407 $126,635

McConnell; Louisville; 1,073; $134,140

Hagel; Lincoln; 1,237; $80,395

Lugar; Indianapolis; 1,528; $351,420

Chambliss, Barrow; Macon; 1,173; $82,100

Chambliss, Barrow; Savannah; 622; $56,000

Keller; Tampa – Sarasota; 898; $296,255

Alexander; Nashville; 898; $188,575

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