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Sirius Radio Slaps Liberal Hosts

Sirius Radio Slaps Liberal Hosts updated

“Sirius Left” vs. “Sirius Patriot.”
How about “Sirius Liberty” instead?

This is so typical. It’s also the reason progressives are the step children
of radio, terrestrial, as well as satellite. Even when we get on the air our marketing gets second billing.

Rick Perlstein
, who had an interview last night on Sirius satellite radio to discover that the station separates conservatives and liberals with very special station titles. Frankly, I had no idea of this and have never heard anyone talk about it. I’ve never been interviewed on satellite radio, nor has my show ever been aired on satellite, though it’s not for lack of interest on my part.

The wingnut channel is called “Sirius Patriot.”

The progressive/liberal channel is called, not patriot, not even all-American,
and certainly not “Sirius Freedom,” in honor of our efforts to keep the
Patriot Act from robbing us of our liberty, not to mention the work we’ve done trying to save this country
from an imperial president. No. Our channel is called “Sirius

The logos aren’t too bad, however. The wingnuts
get the eagle
, while liberals get the
flag with Lady Liberty
in front of it. So why not call the liberal station
“Sirius Liberty”?

Email Hillary Schupf, the media
relations representative for Sirius and let her know you’re not happy. Rick
has her phone number. And thanks to Rick for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

As for Mel Karmazin, he should know better.

UPDATE: Got an email with some history on this silly Sirius channel naming. Evidently, conservatives were “Sirius Right” at one time. Interesting, with the bottom line on the mark.

I just read your article about the Sirius channels. The “right” channel was originally called “Sirius Right” so there was a “Sirius Right” and “Sirius Left”. Then they changed a bunch of the station names and “Right” became “Patriot” which I never really understood since they aren’t very patriotic!! ha ha
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