It includes not only Mr. Bush, but also Alberto Gonzales, which to me is the
biggest disappointment.

If not in the House, Pelosi stated today that she "would probably advocate"
impeaching Bush. But she is so she doesn’t. At a breakfast this morning, which
is named after the dear friend we lost, Maria Leavy, Ari Berman has the story.

"The question of impeachment is something that would divide the country,"
Pelosi said this morning during a wide-ranging discussion in the ornate Speaker’s
office. Her top priorities are ending the war in Iraq, expanding health care,
creating jobs and preserving the environment. "I know what our success
can be on those issues. I don’t know what our success can be on impeaching
the president."


But Pelosi sees impeaching Gonzales and his superiors as a distraction from
the ambitious agenda she has crafted for the House. "If I can just hold
my caucus together," she says, "I can take them to this progressive
place." … ..

Pelosi Opposes Impeachment