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O’Reilly’s Anti Capitalism Rant

YouTube via Crooks & Liars

Why is good old fashion capitalism only appropriate for Republicans? Why do wingnuts have such a problem with Democrats making money? It’s un-American. If a company wants to get the eyes of thousands of progressives, why is that political instead of simply a perfectly sound business decision? Evidently, businesses advertising with conservatives is fine, but when a business wants to make a purely economic decision that finds their self interest in line with advertising with progressives that’s bad. Wake up and smell the double standard. The other problem is that Bill O’Reilly doesn’t understand the nature of free speech and the First Amendment. No one should be surprised.

It’s very odd that the simple notion of an American corporation advertising among progressives has got Bill O’Reilly in a panic. That progressives are gaining influence and power, while casting him as irrelevant, has pushed Bill-O over the edge. Or maybe it’s just that Keith Olbermann is making the man mad, as in
absolutely stark raving. Whatever the reason, Mr. Falafel has flipped, which was proven when Bill O’Reilly took out after YearlyKos on “The O’Reilly Factor” by targeting one of the advertising sponsors too. Using broad generalities and hit tactics, Hitler slurs,
as well as hate innuendo, without specifics, O’Reilly did a smear job that would make Sean Hannity proud.

Companies often advertise and go after potential customers without any political motivation whatsoever involved. Is this news to Bill-O? Corporations make these types of decisions every day based purely on the bottom
line. Why is it that conservatives understand capitalism right up until corporations decide to put their name
where they can benefit from all those money spending progressives?

The Democratic community spends money, lots of it, takes flights and travels too, and with YearlyKos
coming up Jet Blue will have the opportunity to access some of the brightest minds and politically astute intellectual
talents in the progressive community who also use air travel. Tell me why Jet Blue wouldn’t want to
be part of something like that, which brings eyes to their business? The YearlyKos gathering in Chicago is going to also bring lots of money to the city of Chicago and it’s hotels, restaurants, too, and, yes, Jet Blue. So what?

Oh, and just to ask, does O’Reilly endorse all of his advertisers?

Companies and adveristers rarely endorse the shows where their commercials appear. They simply make the investment
in order to be seen by a certain amount of potential customers. What part of that doesn’t Bill O’Reilly understand?

O’Reilly is just upset that the Democrats won’t debate on Fox “News.”
Edwards has been paying for being the first candidate to turn down the invitation ever since he made the decision, especially on O’Reilly, who even invited Dennis Miller to do his own brand of smear job. Bill-O also delights in sending his faux reporters out to dog his subjects, ambushing them in order to do some sort of political predator segment hoping to prop up his sagging ratings. Now O’Reilly has targeted YearlyKos by focusing on one of the sponsors. Fox won’t stop. It’s open season on Democrats. YearlyKos
is just the latest and because Jet Blue wants to get our business
they’re in the target zone, too.

Good for Jet Blue for choosing YearlyKos. Capitalism is very American, no matter how loud O’Reilly rants against it.

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