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But wouldn’t you know, Lieberman would have to be in the act. Via

From: Mitchell, Ron [mailto:xxxxxxx@FOXNEWS.COM]
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2007
To: xxxxxxx
Subject: Fox News Request

This is Ron Mitchell with Bill O’Reilly at the Fox News Channel.

The O’Reilly Factor plans an update on issues involving DailyKos website
the story for Monday.

There are some disturbing images on the DailyKos depicting Sen. Joe Lieberman
and others along with some very offensive language. We are asking for statements
regarding this issue from each of the Democratic candidates planning to attend
the YearlyKos convention.

The image attached is from an active posting. I think that most people would
agree that this sort of thing has no place in mainstream political discourse.

Ho-boy, these guys just don’t understand brutal satire. Hunter’s
got the picture
, which you have to see to believe. That’s going to finish

As for what really matters, you know, considering graphics are, well, graphics.
Dave over at Ornicus lays
O’Reilly out

But why are O’Reilly and Fox targeting a progressive business and why
do they hate capitalism so much
? An equally important question is why O’Reilly has such disrespect for women. There was his sexual perversion on display with Miss New Jersey, but then he silenced Jane Hall. Need we rehash his harassment lawsuit? But what’s next, making us ask for permission to speak?

Fire up the tv and get ready to pour the cocktails, folks. But Bill-O delivering the death blow to DailyKos? Honestly, you can’t buy this type of publicity.