If you’re going to make an argument against Hillary Clinton make it. That goes double for a candidate’s official website. Why not just promote your own agenda and strengths, without using a die hard conservative to get the hatchet job

Via Barack Obama’s official site, through a community blog entry, we get Andrew Sullivan making the case for Barack Obama. Yeah, that’s right. Let ‘er rip:

Read Andrew Sullivan’s post this morning on the differences between Obama
and Hillary Clinton. They are from different Democratic generations, Sullivan
says. Obama was not traumatized by the conservatives’ ascent in the 1990s.
Clinton, on the other hand “internalized to her bones the 1990s sense
that conservatism is ascendant, that what she really believes is unpopular.”
Sullivan writes:

Obama is different. He wasn’t mugged by the 1980s and 1990s as Clinton
was. He doesn’t carry within him the liberal self-hatred and self-doubt
that Clinton does. The traumatized Democrats fear the majority of Americans
are bigoted, know-nothing, racist rubes from whom they need to conceal their
true feelings and views. The non-traumatized Democrats are able to say what
they think, make their case to potential supporters and act, well, like
Republicans acted in the 1980s and 1990s. The choice between Clinton and
Obama is the choice between a defensive crouch and a confident engagement.
It is the choice between someone who lost their beliefs in a welter of fear;
and someone who has faith that his worldview can persuade a majority.

Obama does inspire unity and optimism. You can hear it when you talk to
supporters and see it when you go to campaign events. We need someone who
is comfortable saying what he thinks, and who can confidently engage and persuade
a majority. Barack did it in the state Senate — read the New York Times article
from yesterday about it here. He’s doing it in the U.S. Senate, and he can
do it again as President.

Sullivan: “Obama Is Different”

Excuse me for being flip, but exactly which primary is Obama trying to win?
And why should we care what Andrew Sullivan thinks about our candidates? Now
don’t get me wrong, Mr. Sullivan and I have agreed on several things, especially
on torture and Capt. Fishback, but on presidential candidates never the twain
shall meet.

There’s nothing wrong with a diarist on a candidate’s official site making
the case for the candidate. But you’ve got to question what’s going on when
conservatives are parroted to make the point against a frontrunner Democrat.

The politics of hope this is not, any more than it is a “different kind of politics,” to use Mr. Obama’s words.

As an aside, Mr. Sullivan has made no secret that he does not like Hillary Clinton, speaking out against her at every opportunity. So using this post is just a cheap shot.

But after the Bush-Cheney lite comment, you’ve got to wonder if Obama is courting
independents who can vote in the primaries, especially in New Hampshire. After
all, it sure doesn’t look like Iowa’s shaping up for Obama. That means he needs
to look beyond.

It’s just beginning to get rough out there.