Bill O’Reilly’s Burlesque updated

BREAKING UPDATE: Home Depot dumps O’Reilly, though they still need to hear from you. See Aravosis.

Did you see Bill-O last night?

It was quite a spectacle.

Like watching the air go out of a very large tire. Not even Joe’s best friend Lanny Davis nor Kristen
Powers would go along with Bill-O’s hyperbolic huffing and puffing about the “hate”
he says DailyKos exudes. By the time it was shown on the air even the picture was anticlimactic.
In fact, it came off almost comical with Bill-O’s voice droning on and on over
the visual. That he’s taken to instructing his audience to turn the channel
to save themselves adds just the right touch of drama to Bill-O’s over played

At one point O’Reilly puffed up his cheeks as if he were about to explode,
because his phony outrage had no where to land. The look of frustration on his
face was priceless. His sentences running out into the air ending in a sputter.

In the end, Bill-O looked like a silly little man picking a fight with people
who have far too much to accomplish to give a crap what he thinks. This includes
our Democratic candidates, minus Joe Biden, who could care less about Fox or
Bill-O’s judgment. Their own counsel will do just fine, thank you very much. Talking with progressives who give their lives to the cause of Democratic politics isn’t such a bad idea in the end.

This very public fight has done damage, on that Mr. O’Reilly is correct. It’s
just that the damage isn’t to DailyKos, the blogosphere and certainly not the
Democratic candidates who are going to be present to speak to YearlyKos. Surely
Bill-O knows that when you pick a fight like this you should make certain you
win. He accomplished very little, except to reveal that jetBlue gave money to
Mitt Romney, and that the company has no spine.

As for YearlyKos, everyone may have been interested before, but now the coverage
will be huge. Our Democratic candidates knew what they were doing when they
accepted the invitation. Bill-O just handed them a bonus round of pr. It doesn’t
get much sweeter for Democrats than that.

While Bill-O’s burlesque just gets staler by the show.