I guess since JetBlue decided to cave in to Bill O’Reilly, the Fox Republicans
thought they might as well keep on bashing bloggers to see who else is spineless
enough to listen to these blowhards. So today on Fox “New” Sunday,
Bill Kristol threatened that Democratic presidential candidates will pay a price in ’08
because they’re about to “pay to court” Markos. That is the singularly
most stupid statement I’ve heard about the relationship between bloggers and
the ’08 candidates. As an aside, conservative writers have been courting Bush and Cheney
for years, with David Brooks and Stephen Hayes practically offering press releases
for the Administration in everything they write. The real issue is that the
blogosphere, its readers and the activist community who operate on the web,
including taking in millions of dollars collectively, now have the American people
behind us. Seventy percent and counting want out of Iraq. Kristol’s frustration
is that he doesn’t like Democrats actually listening to the people. He’s much
more comfortable telling the masses what to think and having them follow along. That progressive blogs and our readers have systematically destroyed the credibility of the conservatives today, by highlighting and focusing on the contagion of leadership ineptitude and fecklessness, has finally caused Kristol to crack.

Classic Kristol:

KRISTOL: Every Democratic presidential nominee is going to the DailyKos convention.
That’s the left-wing blogger who was not respectable three or four years
ago. The Howard Dean kind of sponsor. Now the whole party is going to pay
court to him and to left wing blogs. Not a single one is going to the Democratic
Leadership Council meeting in a couple of weeks. That’s the organization
that Bill Clinton was head of in the early ’90s — that was supposed
to be the new, more moderate Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has gone
left and it will hurt them in 2008.

Think Progress
has more of the transcript, as well as Juan Williams’ retort, which shut Kristol down
completely, because he offered the bottom line: When are we supposed to
say enough is enough in terms of Iraq?

It’s time for Kristol and others to wake up and take a fresh look at the liberal blogs. We are speaking with the same voice as most of America now. Wake up and see your irrelevance, Bill. He said
it himself, though laced with hyperbole. Three or four years ago things were
different, though clearly not how Kristol describes it. But since Bush and
the Republicans have been revealed to have manifested a magnificent lie on all
things Iraq, those of us writing online who were always against this war have
been proven, not only correct in our assessments, but more trustworthy in presenting
the facts. Even those liberals who were wrong about supporting Iraq have admitted their mistakes; some by saying so outright, while others move on policy to prove the point.

The truth at the heart of this discussion is that Americans have walked away from the spoon feeding hack pack press,
which includes Kristol and Fox “News,” much to his chagrin. Calling out patriotic progressives working in the pursuit of more liberty in the face of Bush’s executive overreach isn’t going to scare anyone, especially not our ’08 candidates. They realize who the blogs represent. It’s the voters, stupid Bill.