Elizabeth Edwards Confronts Coulter updated

Elizabeth Edwards phoned into “Hardball” today and called Ann Coulter
out. Part of the conversation revolved around Coulter’s slander of Edwards on
ABC, which the campaign is utilizing to pump up the volume on their campaign cash.

It was clear she was stunned by the call when Matthews announced who was on
the line. But as Edwards laid out her case, Coulter immediately started flipping
her hair and stuttering. The point was that the personal, negative attacks by
Coulter are hurting politics and aren’t good for this country.

Elizabeth Edwards made the right-wing Stick Shiksa squirm.

Oh, and on another note, when was the last time Chris Matthews had one guest
for the whole hour?

UPDATE II (6.27.07): The producer of “Hardball” said today that Coulter knew Elizabeth Edwards was going to call in. The producer called to inform Coulter.

Update: It was also obvious that Matthews sandbagged Coulter, as Greg Sargent points out.