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BOOK WAR: Ann Coulter v. Glenn Greenwald

The first book I tried to publish was back in 1999 or so. I went round and round.
It was a book based on a lot of research and interviewing of people, but it
didn’t matter. Because I didn’t have a “Dr.” in front of my name I
wasn’t considered a true expert. The publishers all suggested that Dr. Laura
knew more about the subject than me all because of that little “d”
“r” in front of her name; never mind that “Dr.” Laura’s title didn’t mean what the
publishers thought. The second book was the same thing, only with a different
reason. The publisher was afraid they couldn’t market the book. They finally
told me that it was great writing and impeccably researched, but that there
was no way to market or sell the book. There is always a reason not to publish
a book, so when I finally got one published, I had to do it myself. I did lots
and lots of radio interviews for it. But it didn’t sell, though it got praise
for the content and writing, because no one had ever written about such things
before; at least not like I had. But you need a network, a publisher and enough
people talking about your book to really get the job done. So when a fellow
liberal gets another book published, I want to do all I can to help them out.

Glenn Greenwald’s book, A Tragic Legacy is available now. His writings
on and now Huffington Post are always interesting and often important,
plus they often have the added element of taking the conservatives to task.
The word of mouth on this book is tremendous, so I’m sure it’s no exception
and I look forward to reading it.

Today is the day to treat
yourself and buy it

First, you’ll be helping a fellow progressive by doing so, as well as helping
our entire community and others who hope to publish. Because if we can sell
books we’ll get more opportunities.

Secondly, you’ll be making a wingnut go crazy, because Glenn’s book will rise
in Amazon.

Thirdly, Ann Coulter is on “Hardball” today with Chris Matthews,
because she sells books. Let’s show Mr. Matthews that Ms. Coulter isn’t
the only one who can sell books. Granted, Glenn’s book has substance, and Ann’s
books rarely do, but you get the point. ABC is also helping Ann sell the paperback
edition of “Godless.” You can’t buy this kind of free media, which
progressives just don’t get. It’s Ann’s big money smear machine at work yet again.

Four months after referring to Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards
as a “faggot,” controversial conservative author Ann Coulter appeared
as a guest on the popular Good Morning America show Monday morning on ABC.

While Coulter appears to have been obstensibly (sic) booked to talk about an “identity
crisis of sorts” in the Republican Party, ABC publicized the interview
to coincide with the paperback release of her last book. At its website, ABC
links to the seven-minute video interview (and accompanying article) with
the caption “‘Godless:’ Ann Coulter Unplugged Conservative firebrand’s
book out in paperback.”

An Associated Press column from March wondered if Coulter might get “blacklisted”
from television: “Following her use of a gay slur about Democratic presidential
candidate John Edwards this month during remarks to the Conservative Political
Action Conference, some on TV are wondering whether her shelf life is expiring.”

“I was going to have a few comments about John Edwards but you have
to go into rehab if you use the word ‘faggot,’” Coulter had said at C-PAC.
… ..

helps Coulter promote ‘Godless’ paperback

Blacklisted? Hardly, because the cable networks and the big three need eyes, because viewers are leaving in droves, and everyone
knows people love watching a train wreck. Enter Ann Coulter.

So let’s prove that Ann Coulter’s paperback book of “Godless” has
some competition. Let’s send
Glenn’s book to the top of Amazon’s list
. Ann gets free publicity while
Greenwald does not. Yeah, that’s the liberal media at work all right.

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