Luca Brazzi?

That’s the latest on Candidate Clinton from Chris Matthews. She’s calculating and willing to do whatever she can to exonerate herself. The Video of Chris Matthews and his pals talking about the Clinton marriage is illustrative of what Clinton will face. But as the video shows above, Candidate Clinton can handle it. It’s a good thing, because the hits just keep on coming.

“The would do anything to get out of the Whitewater situation, including
not being forthcoming.” – Mark Fabiani

Never mind that she was completely exonerated.

Oh, but Clinton the wife is even worse. She likes to control the news of her marriage. Hells, bells, alert the frickin’ media.

“From what I’ve seen of the coverage so far, it shows Hillary, to a
greater degree than we even realized, controlling the process of shutting
down stories about infidelities of her husband …” – Howard Fineman

Oh! Clinton, the wife, also wanted to shut up the women who had stories to
tell about Bill. Hello. How’d that one work out?

“It’s Luca Brazzi behavior.” – Chris Matthews

Luca Brazzi was a hit man. This is like the stuff Rush Limbaugh was spewing about President Clinton in the 1990s. You remember, Clinton murdered people in Arkansas as part of some mythical drug deal. This rumor, by the way, came compliments of the late Reverend Jerry Falwell.

This is a new low even for Matthews, who never misses an opportunity to stoop
below what anyone else will do. The Republicans and his buddy Sean Hannity must
be loving this stuff. He goes on to say that she used intimidation and her friends
who were lawyers to try to get women to sign affidavits about their prior relationships
with the Big Dog. Excuse me, but is anyone shocked by this? A woman’s husband, who just happens
to be leader of the free world, wants to use all of her power, which is considerable,
to keep damning personal and sexually titillating stories out of the press.

Hello, ever heard of John F. Kennedy? The press willingly ducked those stories
back in the 1960s. They also didn’t tell the truth about Jackie. Ever see a photograph
of Mrs. Kennedy smoking? She was riding horses while JFK was trying to keep
the world from blowing up. Ever hear about that one? I know all the stories ever printed, because I’ve studied these two, focusing on J.F.K., my whole life including producing a show on Kennedy, which included Jackie as well. How about all those women
of Jack’s? Oh, and speaking of the Kennedys, Sally Bedell Smith, who wrote a
real soap opera page turner about the Kennedys, is taking a turn at the Clintons.
Now that will be special soap opera summer reading for sure. Make room in your beach bag for that one.

Bill and Hillary’s marriage, the challenges, cheating and all the rest isn’t
news to anyone. But two books coming out (not including Bay Buchanan’s efforts) want you to think there’s a lot of
news you haven’t heard

“A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” by Carl
Bernstein, reports that Clinton as first lady was terrified she would be prosecuted,
took over her own legal and political defense, and decided not to be forthcoming
with investigators because she was convinced she was unfairly targeted. While
in Arkansas, according to Bernstein, she personally interviewed one woman
alleged to have had an affair with her husband, contemplated divorce and thought
about running for governor out of anger at her husband’s indiscretions.

“Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” by
Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta Jr., reports that during her husband’s 1992 campaign,
a team she oversaw hired a private investigator to undermine Gennifer Flowers
“until she is destroyed.” Flowers had said publicly that she had
an affair with Bill Clinton while he was governor of Arkansas.

Paint Critical Portraits of Clinton

2 Biographies Detail Marital Strife and Driving Ambition

Media Matters
dissembles the latest Clinton hits even further.

I particularly like the sub-heading. The former first lady, the woman who took
on the VRWC, now Senator Hillary Clinton is ambitious. Oh, my God.
…and they’re even going to “detail marital strife.” What a twofer. I’m shocked to hear this about the Clintons.




What woman of ambition hasn’t had man troubles? For that matter, what modern
woman hasn’t had troubles with men, period? What ambitious woman hasn’t been
called too ambitious, cold, calculating. I’m nowhere near Clinton’s league and
I’ve been called every name in the book. Trust me when I say this will not impress women at all. It might even make them move closer to Clinton, feeling that sisterly bond of getting dumped on by men. Who can’t relate to that one?

Let me also state that anyone who thinks former President Bill Clinton isn’t an asset for Candidate Clinton has been watching too much Fox “News” and listening to wingnut radio way too long.

This rehash of 90’s news
isn’t likely to stop. With a war raging in Iraq it’s also not only not news,
but it seems trivial in the extreme. Candidate Clinton will have no trouble spinning the rehashed details to her own advantage. She’s done it before.