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Katie Couric’s Nutty Notebook

Katie Couric's Nutty Notebook updated

This video says it all

Breaking news!

“Six years into his presidency George W. Bush can still surprise us!”

See, Bush didn't want to do the fancy state dinner with the queen.

He was against it. Really.

But then two “arm twisters” got to him. Laura and Condi cornered
him and set him straight. It was a miracle! All of a sudden Bush changed his
mind. Voila! The president can try new things. He just needs Laura and Condi
to work on him enough.

That's when Katie Couric got the idea. Maybe Laura could mediate between Bush
and the Democrats on the Iraq war. Wow. Why didn't we think of that

How many times does Edward R. Murrow have to roll over in his grave before
CBS puts their nightly news show out of its misery? Sure Murrow had to do those Hollywood interviews, which he hated to do by the way, but he never mistook or mixed up the content of those cheesy profiles with the nightly news.

Honest to God, we waited all this time
for a female anchor to solo on one of the major news networks, but instead we
get some broad touting two “arm twisters” getting the president to
put on white tie and tails as she proclaims Bush a reasonable man who can change
his mind because he's going to have some upper crust dinner with the queen.
But stating out loud on the nightly news that maybe
the first lady is the arm twister needed between the Dems and the president to get them to compromise on
Iraq? Is this a joke? Who knows, but it certainly defies explanation, especially since Couric wasn't even embarrassed
about the suggestion, which means she's at least half serious, or sucking up to America's queen. Either reasoning is positively daft.

No wonder women can't get a word in edge wise on issues that matter.

I mean seriously, people, how long is CBS going to prop up Katie Couric? For
all the money she's getting paid this woman should be reporting from the front line and be darn proud to get the assignment. Talk about a vanity job. At the very least, somebody get this woman a writer.

UPDATE: Reader JustaDem's Hot Topic is further proof of just how bankrupt CBS's editorial policy is. Don't miss it.

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