Remembering those who have fallen before, it’s impossible not to think of all
the soldiers now condemned to policing a civil war, with no end in sight.

There are no words.

No videos.

No pictures.

All that remains is the failure.

The war goes on and everyone talks politics. What people might say if
we stopped the war and brought our troops home.

Bad press.

Busy propping up politicians to save face.

So Democrats ruminate
on Vietnam slurs, while ducking their duty. The abject failure of leadership
and wholesale sell out of America laid bare for all to see; the only hope made merely hapless through cowardice.

Republicans chained to their incompetence; collapsing in on their irrelevance.

The soldiers say nothing and fight on.

Meanwhile, troops continue to die, Iraqis too.

The carnage has become contagious. No one has the will to stop it. Waiting for tomorrow to come, but when it’s here we look onward.

Politicians talk of beginning the end of the war, but it goes on and on
and on.

And the president warns there is danger and even more death in the summer months
to come.

Republicans talk of autumn.

See you in September.

The bodies continue to fall.