The above video of the event is about an hour, but has the snippet that’s causing the furor. Kind of them to isolate it, isn’t it. Edwards’ statement that he read the NIE is now catching attention. He evidently didn’t hear the question.

Kornblau told ABC Thursday that Edwards misunderstood the question posed at the Google forum, where he was asked about the “confidential” National Intelligence Estimate. Edwards has said repeatedly in recent years that he read the non-classified version of the NIE, in addition to other intelligence reports, while serving on the intelligence committee. …

Edwards’ Reading List Draws Scrutiny

Ben Smith of got the original quote from Edwards spokesman Mark Kornblau last week.

Bottom line is that Edwards didn’t read the classifed NIE, but got extensively briefed on what was in it, as did Clinton and others. Unfortunately, when you contradict your spokesman on something like this it becomes news, especially if you’re John Edwards. The guy cannot catch a break in the press right now. He’s got a target painted on his campaign, which obviously started with the haircut nonsense, as stupid as it gets, which Edwards admitted. However, the way this works is that when the press gets the feeling that someone is vulnerable they watch for every little thing. It’s not like the media is interested in the serious policy meat Edwards is offering. Fat chance.