Obama’s health care plan is finally being unveiled. Details are coming out
slowly, with Kevin
getting more
from the campaign than the AP
offered earlier, which wasn’t worth much. Obama’s website gives the
. The WSJ has some
details too

The Edwards plan
is up if you want to compare.

Clinton on health
also includes a video taken at her appearance at the Las Vegas healthcare
forum, where she outshined them all.

But all these plans will likely turn pale when Michael
Moore’s “Sicko”
debuts. Moore also takes on both sides, as well as the
American people for putting up with what the insurance industry dishes out.
He reminds us that the same industries creating our heathcare crisis give money to both political parties.

It’s important that candidates put their ideas about healthcare out in the
open. I was highly critical of Obama’s performance at the Nevada forum, because
he basically just winged it. Putting out some sort outline isn’t that tough, frankly, because we all know the basics of what needs to be included, so not having one is just lazy. The real issue isn’t any candidate’s particular plan it’s the people you have to get ready to oppose
and fight: Big Insurance and Big Pharma. No candidate wants to touch that nightmare, especially when they are receiving their money. But no healthcare plan matters if the candidate won’t take on the big money people inside.

After Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko” debuts, which is getting applause
from the left and right, I imagine all the candidates will have to regroup.
Again, it’s not about a plan and providing insurance for the uninsured, it’s
reigning in the big influences for profit at the center of our healthcare crisis.