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Photo: Leila Fadel/MCT

Nice picture. Joe's Dukakis in a tank moment. Lieberman is the one in the blue shirt, flak jacket and helmet, like I needed to tell you that. A question Joe got from quite a few soldiers in Baghdad: “When
are we going to get out of here?”

Now a review of Congress by Joseph Galloway.

The dust from all those victory laps by the grandmotherly Nancy Pelosi of
California and the cadaverous Harry Reid of Nevada is still in the air, and
to date they and their majority have done nothing of what was demanded of

They've been flim-flammed by Mortimer Snerd and Charlie McCarthy into passing
a bill that funds the continuation of a war that 70 percent of Americans no
longer support.

For all their posturing and demands for withdrawal timelines and benchmarks
for an Iraqi government that's only marginally less functional than our own,
in the end they caved and gave George W. Bush exactly what he wanted – another
$100 billion or so to carry on the killing and dying and suffering.

On Memorial Day, when politicians of all stripes turned up at military cemeteries
to bask in the glory reflected off the white marble tombstones of men and
women who died for their mistakes, 10 more American soldiers and Marines were
killed in Iraq.

One could almost hear the whispering voices of the honored dead, passing
the word: Move over. Make some more room. … ..

goes on vacation while more 'honored dead' come home

UPDATE: And since we're speaking about Iraq, as a quick update to the Petraeus post, I just got an email from Ilan Goldenberg, the Executive Director of NSN. He's got quite a dialogue going on with Colonel Boylan, Petraeus's spokesman, which ends up with Boylan getting smacked. Part of it revolves around Lawrence Korb's recent op-ed, which calls out Lt. General Petraeus's misleading op-ed in the Washington Post right before the '04 election. This is a must read, but here's a snippet.

The Colonel also argues that:

General Petraeus over the times he has been in Iraq has written op-eds on various topics in order to provide context to what is happening on the ground.

But actually I did a little research and was not able to find another op-ed in a major newspaper that General Petraeus has written in the past five years. My search included more than 200 newspapers including almost all of the highest circulation papers in the country as well as most of the large circulation magazines. If I missed something, I would ask the Colonel to correct me. But as far as I can tell, the piece that came out six weeks before the 2004 election and conveniently reiterated the President’s talking points is the only one out there in a major U.S. newspaper. This only reiterates Korb’s point.

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