Memorial Weekend Mush via Harry Reid

Our troops deserve better than they’re getting from Harry Reid.

Senator Chris Dodd is right, so thanks to Matt
for putting the video in Hot

However, nothing could evidently keep Harry Reid from offering up pure crap on radio today,
via the Marine Corps. Hiding behind the military won’t get us to ignore or excuse
your abdication of leadership, Mr. Reid. That you’re using the military to try
and con us, well, isn’t that what Republicans do?

For their weekly radio address, Democrats called on Elliot Anderson of Las
Vegas, who spent four years on active duty with the Marine Corps, including
a seven-month deployment to Afghanistan.

Anderson said patriotism is an American value, not a Democratic or a Republican

“I strongly oppose our involvement in Iraq’s civil war, but I am still
proud of my service to my country,” Anderson said.

“But I know I speak for many of my friends overseas when I say that
the best way to honor the troops is to responsibly end our involvement in
Iraq’s civil war. As long as President Bush stays committed to the same policies
that aren’t working, it won’t be easy. But I am proud to see Democrats and
now some brave Republicans standing up to him.”

pays tribute to fallen U.S. troops

No one and I mean no one is buying it, not even from a distinguished member
of the Marine Corps. We’re all proud of every soldier serving. That isn’t the
point. That Mr. Reid is offering up Republican talking points to try and assuage
his own guilt is embarrassing, even humiliating. But I have come to expect the
worst from Mr. Reid at this point, because that’s what he’s been delivering. But using the military? Shame on you, sir.
If you’ve got something to say stand up and say it yourself. Be. A. Man. Don’t
hide behind a soldier, especially on Memorial Day weekend. It’s exactly what Mr. Bush is doing.