Stephanie Miller on MSNBC updated & bumped

UPDATE: Crooks & Liars now has some video up of today’s show. Don’t miss it.

Today Ms. Miller debuted on MSNBC. The clip above of Miller on Ann Coulter is hilarious, though it’s not from today’s show. It will give you an idea of what Miller and her team can do.

If you didn’t see Miller today, she airs tomorrow and Wednesday from 6-9 a.m. eastern, which means 3-6 a.m.
pacific. That’s almost impossible for much of her west coast listeners, but that’s
the reason TiVo was invented. She’s funny, smart and has a great team with her, so it seems to me a great reason to turn on MSNBC Tuesday and Wednesday.

This clip of Howie
talking to her on “Reliable Sources”
about the boundaries of radio
after the Imus brouhaha is, let’s just say, priceless. No doubt it’s ironic that
Miller ended up guesting in his spot just a couple of weeks later.

As a progressive radio show host without a home (except streaming), what Miller
and other progressives like Randi Rhodes have accomplished is just amazing.
Now it’s time to show her a little love, if the Monday spirits move you.

Watch tomorrow if you can. Then same drill. Let MSNBC know you appreciate her
presence. If anyone has any tape of Miller today please let me know in the comments.