We take a break from our usually scheduled topics to bring you this “breaking
news.” This is what happens to rawkus women who don’t know their place. She’ll be coming back to do one-hour specials and covering topics that are dear to her heart.

“I’m not going away. I’m just not going to be here every day,”
said O’Donnell on today’s show.

In a statement released to ABCNEWS.com today, Walters said: “I induced
Rosie to come back to television on ‘The View’ even for just one year. She
has given the program new vigor, new excitement and wonderful hours of television.
I can only be grateful to her for this year. I am very sad that ABC Daytime
could not reach an agreement with her for a second year. We will all miss
Rosie on ‘The View,’ and hope she will be back with us often next season.
She remains for me a cherished friend and colleague.”

O’Donnell Leaving ‘The View’

No one is talking about the real dirt yet, but get ready for some serious Hannity and Bill-O clucking coming.

Rosie’s latest “blue humor” stand up recently evidently shocked quite
a few people, but does anyone believe it has anything to do with her leaving?

The loose-lipped lesbian dropped the F-bomb as Barbara Walters lowered her
head on the dais and covered her face with her hand. O’Donnell concluded a
rant about Donald Trump by grabbing her crotch and shouting, “Eat me!”

O’Donnell also said she was sad when Trump called her “disgusting”
and “fat” because, “it was always my dream to give an old,
bald billionaire a boner.”


O’Donnell’s publicist, Cindi Berger, told us: “When you ask for Rosie,
you know what you’re getting. She’s not a shrinking violet. She’s a stand-up
comedienne. She says things that are provocative.”

N.Y. Women in Communications was evidently happy with O’Donnell. The group’s
managing director, Beth Ellen Keyes, sent an e-mail to her handlers saying,
“Rosie was fabulous. Please let Rosie know how much we appreciated her
being there. She was just great.”


Don’t you just love Page Six headlines?

No one has been better for “The View” than Rosie. Like her or hate
her, Rosie took “The View,” which I do not watch, out of moth balls.
Ask any regular viewer. Now that she’s leaving it will go back from whence it
came. Being just another sleepy morning show with a bunch of polite, soft spoken
women, though maybe Ms. Behar will now be inspired. No doubt Rosie’s departure will make Hannity’s America a lot more comfortable. Frankly, ABC
is nuts. They should have made a deal with O’Donnell. I mean seriously, what
could she have wanted that they couldn’t have provided? That tells the tale. The bottom line, if you ask me: Rosie didn’t want to stay. Period.