MSNBC Gets a Liberal updated & bumped

…for at least three days next week.

Miller To Fill In On MSNBC

Yesterday’s tipster — who said Tony Kornheiser was the next fill-in host
for MSNBC’s morning mix — was wrong.

Stephanie Miller is hosting Monday through Wednesday of next week.

Miller is the “host of The Stephanie Miller Show, a liberal talk radio
program produced in Los Angeles.” Her show usually airs from 9am to noon

Great news, so mark your calendars and also tell MSNBC they did good.

Miller is part of the Jones network that also produces Ed Schultz, as well as Bill Press. I’ve dealt with them a bit, but not to any satisfactory end as yet. But my team and I keep plugging and we’re not giving up on getting me back on the air.

3:00 p.m. eastern – 12:00 pacific
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