VIDEO: Biden
smacks Rudy

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Biden on “Meet the Press” will not make many happy today. He believes
flatly that we will have some residual forces in Iraq. One of those people who might be on his way to Iraq is Biden's son. Right now he wants to salvage as much as we can. He voted for the bill
to demand a timetable in Iraq, but he's very worried about a collapse of the
country, which cannot sustain itself if we pull out completely. He's not alone.

The chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee—far and away the most experienced foreign-policy hand among the Democratic candidates—has proposed a quasi-partition plan that actually does reflect the bloody reality emerging on the ground. His scheme calls for dividing Iraq into three or more separate regions held together by a loose central government, thus clearing the way for withdrawing most U.S. troops by 2008. It’s a solution, not a surrender, and it’s what they used to call realpolitik. … ..

Joe Biden Has One Thing Right

The carnage in Iraq is escalating daily.

U.S. forces fired an artillery barrage in southern Baghdad Sunday morning,
rocking the capital with loud explosions, while the death toll from a suicide
car bomb attack in the Shiite holy city of Karbala rose to 68.

The blasts in Baghdad came a day after the U.S. military announced the deaths
of nine American troops, including four killed in separate roadside bombings
south of Baghdad and five in fighting in Anbar province, a Sunni insurgent
stronghold west of the capital. … ..

U.S. fires
artillery on southern Baghdad

We're the ones holding this country together.

I'm one of the people who has never believed in the Iraq war. Biden said today the war for a democratic Iraq was lost the moment we set foot in the country. It was a preposterous notion to begin with. He believes everyone will eventually sign on to his plan for Iraq, which calls for a loose federation.

Biden had a terrific debate. However, he is not polling well in the primary race, but this isn't just about the presidency
for him. Looking and listening to Joe Biden he reminds me of what a secretary
of state really sounds like and looks like. Right now, however, he's running for president and people don't like what their hearing from him on Iraq. His view against no public funding on abortion is untenable and unacceptable. So what are poor women to do?

But on Iraq, Biden and Hagel warned everyone what would likely happen after an invasion: 75,000 troops would be needed for ten years. A Republican president and administration will guarantee this fact. It would be a disaster. But given this warning many Democrats in the Senate voted for preemptive war, with the majority of the American people also wanting war. Now we're stuck with what we've wrought. Even Feingold – Reid leaves the option open to have troops in Iraq if they're needed.

Again, I want out of Iraq, but I believe we will have troops behind to fight al Qaeda in al Anbar after we redeploy most of our forces out, but to also train and quell violence that is still raging. It's my belief we should look at our candidates with that reality in mind.

As for presidential politics, “The is a rough game, man,” Biden said this morning. Indeed. But Biden has proven his value. But if he cannot win the presidency, this is the man who should head up State.