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Webb’s Gun

Webb\’s Gun updated

If you didn\’t see Fox \”News\” earlier this afternoon with Bush\’s boy
Brit you missed a doozy. Brit was tripping all over himself trying to discuss
Webb\’s aide being taken into custody after being found with what was first described
as an unregistered firearm, with unregistered ammunition in a bag. The prissy news anchor couldn\’t even figure out the word for ammunition and how to describe a magazine clip. When the
panel weighed in on the subject they looked and sounded like a bunch of sissies. They just
don\’t make Republicans like they used to. RedState shot off this half cocked headline: Rumor: Webb Staffer Arrested for Smuggling Gun into Capitol. Like I said, sissies.

The details are still sketchy, CNN seemed to offer the most complete report of the \”gun-in-a-bag kerfuffle\” so far.

A congressional official who has been briefed on the incident by law enforcement
told CNN that the handgun belonged to the senator. Thompson was driving Webb
to a Washington-area airport, located in Virginia, earlier Monday morning,
the official said, when Webb remembered that he had the gun on him. It is
legal to carry a concealed handgun in Virginia.

He gave the weapon to Thompson, the official said, and asked him to take
care of it. Thompson subsequently put the gun in a briefcase and returned
to Capitol Hill where \”he spaced, he literally forgot\” that he had
the gun, the official said.

aide arrested with gun at Senate office

The piece running in the New York Times describes what was found as a semiautomatic, 9 millimeter pistol and two magazines.

Webb\’s concealed carry will no doubt make many people freak. I\’ve written many
times about guns, including my support
for the right of D.C. residents to own firearms
. As for concealed carry
permits, my husband has one. In fact, I insisted he get it. He works late at
night on the outskirts of town and travels by himself with lots of equipment.
There\’s also the reality that he\’s been shot once and almost died and still
carries a bullet in his gut.

No doubt this is an embarrassment for Webb. It\’s a horrible situation for his
veteran aide (a former Marine) as well. I\’ll update this as more
information is available, but it just might be as simple as what\’s offered above.
That doesn\’t excuse it, but there you have it.

I think you can safely say this is a whole new Democratic Party. Some
won\’t like this event at all. But in recent year\’s if you heard a news report
like this one the last political party you\’d identify it with is the Democrats. Not anymore.

UPDATE (1:50 p.m.): Webb presser video. In it he says he did not give the gun to Thompson, but then goes on to elaborate. It seems obvious that Thompson picked up a briefcase of Webb\’s that had the gun in it after Webb boarded a plane for his trip to New Orleans. Again, it\’s unfortunate, but nothing more.

UPDATE (9:25 a.m.): Webb did a presser a few minutes ago, which confirm CNN\’s details above. He\’s not saying much because Thompson will be arraigned soon, but it boils down to exactly what I thought he\’d say. Webb has the firearm for family protection. He believes strongly in the 2nd Amendment, period. Then he stated what so many other gun owners believe. That when people are allowed to have firearms the crime goes down in that area.

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