I don’t blame any woman or man for marrying up. But there’s something about
Mrs. Rudy that smacks of classic golddigger material, but maybe it’s only of the political

In an interview with Barbara Walters, former New York City Mayor and presidential
candidate Rudy Giuliani said that if elected president, he would have no problem
allowing his wife Judith Giuliani to sit in on cabinet meetings, “If
she wanted to. If they were relevant to something that she was interested
in. I mean that would be something that I’d be very, very comfortable with,”
he said.

He also tells Walters that he welcomes his wife’s involvement in policy
decisions during the campaign “to the extent she wants to be…I
couldn’t have a better adviser.” When asked if she will sit in on policy
meetings, Judith said: “if [Rudy] asks me to, yes. And certainly in the
areas of health care.” … ..

Giuliani ‘Couldn’t Have A Better Adviser’ Than Wife Judith

Mrs. Rudy was a nurse, so no doubt she has expertise on some issues on health
care. No problem, a nurse’s viewpoint is important, especially one with experience.

So why is it that language like sit in on cabinet meetings makes me
squeamish? There’s something nakedly ambitious about Mrs. Rudy that comes without
much substance and seems mostly for show. I don’t know about you, but something
about Mrs. Rudy just doesn’t hit me right.

It’s not the first time I’ve gotten a really bad feeling about Rudy Giuliani’s
judgment, but not just on his personal choices. Kristen Breitweiser wasn’t exactly
impressed with Rudy either, which she relayed to me in our interview last fall.
Sure Rudy was up front and at the mike on 9/11 while Bush was running for
cover, but the reality behind the man was a bit different. Then there’s the
latest revelations about Bernard Kerik who was once Rudy’s main man.

In addition to charges involving false information and tax law, the U.S.
attorney’s office in New York City is also threatening to charge Kerik with
conspiracy to commit illegal wiretapping in his dealings with the 2006 GOP
candidate for New York attorney general, Jeanine F. Pirro, the sources said.

After Kerik left the Giuliani firm, Kerik arranged for two off-duty Giuliani
firm employees to conduct surveillance on Pirro’s husband. Pirro and Kerik
also discussed bugging a boat where Pirro suspected her husband was having
an extramarital affair. Kerik was heard on a wiretap telling Pirro that he
did not want to do the bugging because it was illegal.

About a year earlier, Pirro, then the Westchester County district attorney,
ordered the A&P supermarket chain to hire the Giuliani-Kerik security
firm as part of a settlement agreement in a case involving underage alcohol
sales. The security firm was ultimately paid $43,000, according to a knowledgeable
source who spoke about the terms of the contract on the condition of anonymity.
… ..

Of Giuliani May Face Charges

To refresh your memory on Mrs. Pirro, she’s the one for whom Sean
Hannity campaigned
when she was trying to run against Hillary. Sean sang
her praises on H&C, as well as his radio show. Oops.

Republicans are terrible judges of character, which is how we got into the
mess we’re in right now. When you flashback on Rudy blaming the troops to cover for Bush, I’m not convinced his reality matches the “America’s mayor” hype. If you think about Mrs. Rudy being in the cabinet, well, it sounds like amateur hour to me.

Hey, but not to worry, Rudy has already flip flopped on that idea (and this one too). See, it went over like a lead balloon. And you know how those Republicans like their balloons!