“MC Rove”

The correspondence dinner was missing something this year. That was especially
true when it came to Bush’s segment. It was obvious that Mr. Bush felt very
comfortable because he had his Fox buddies close, with Fox anchor Brian Wilson sitting
next to him. It was a much different scene from last year, obviously. Of course, HotAir
folks said he had "his game on," but I just didn’t get that sense.
The jokes were great. But there was no joy or even fun in his delivery. The
jokes prepared for Bush, even though they were funny, seemed to fall flat with
the man delivering them, even as everyone laughed. He basically phoned it in.
I really enjoyed his quip about James Webb providing security. Other jokes were
good too, but Bush didn’t seem quite there. In fact, he seemed miles away.

The comedy from "Who’s Line Is It Anyway?" was good and so
was Brian Williams singing Johnny Cash, which was fabulous. But the most touching
moment for me was seeing David Bloom’s young girls up on the stage presenting
the David Bloom award.

But when it came to Karl Rove, you’ve got to watch
it to believe it.
At first, Rove wouldn’t play along. He was stiff and acted
like a jerk. He made a crack about Patrick Fitzgerald, but didn’t even get his
name right. The guys from "Who’s Line" asked Mr. Bush if he had a
nickname for Karl. Bush said, "you’re fired," then said "no,"
shaking his head. We all know that isn’t true. Rove’s nickname is turdblossom,
but Bush couldn’t even tell the truth about that simple detail, even though it was a night to have fun and a few laughs. Again, Bush was present, but nobody was home.