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Elizabeth and John Edwards on ’60 Minutes’

Elizabeth and John Edwards on \’60 Minutes\’ –updated–

VIDEO: John and Elizabeth Edwards

UPDATE: Consider these notes on the \’60 Minutes\’ interview, also
known as \”How many times can Katie Couric ask the same question over
and over again a dozen different ways without ever getting tired of hearing herself
ask the same frickin question yet again.\”
Forget sympathy for Elizabeth Edwards, I feel sorry for them both that they had to sit through this horrendous excuse of an interview. Katie Couric just might have
proved she\’s the worst political interviewer I\’ve ever seen; she sure was on this
one. I\’m amazed this is the best CBS could do with the biggest interview
opportunity of the week. Over and over and over and OVER again, Ms. Couric
asked variations on the \”you know you\’re dying so what\’s the point?\”
theme. How about a segue into health care? No. Talking about how the Edwardses have
opportunities for health care others don\’t have and just maybe that\’s what they\’re
fighting for? No. How about talking about their faith, which anyone can see is
at the core of their ability to be strong during this challenge. Nope, Couric
only wanted to talk about how others might judge them, their ambition, how it\’s
too stressful to take care of his wife and be president at the same time. As if
while being president life can\’t throw you some challenges. Good Lord, it was
a disgrace, as well as a missed opportunity. Couric made no effort whatsoever
to broaden the subject, but instead decided to exhaust the \”cancer is
topic, alert the American people. I particularly appreciated the
moment when Couric talked about their kids, saying if I had a \”finite\”
time I don\’t think I\’d choose not being with my kids. No judgment there at all,
Katie. The Edwardses then reminded Ms. Couric that we\’ve all got a finite amount of
time, with Elizabeth saying they learned that in 1996… then John finished the comment, when they lost their son, as Mrs. Edwards lowered her head a moment. By the time it was over I\’m sure both of them wanted a stiff drink.
I\’d have asked for a water back to throw in Ms. Couric\’s face. Though I doubt
even that would have awakened her from her hamster wheel questioning stupor. –end

UPDATE II (11:01 p.m.): John at C&L has more.

UPDATE III (8:25 a.m. – 3.26.07): Edwards gets important S.C. endorsements.

They are talking
to Katie Couric tonight
on \”60 Minutes.\”

\”…there\’s not a single person in America that should vote
for me because Elizabeth has cancer… Do not vote for us because you feel
some sympathy or compassion for us. That would be an enormous mistake.\”

– John Edwards.

Edwards\’s views on the issues speak for themselves: on the middle class, calling out the \”McCain doctrine,\”, being the first to stand up against the Fox \”News,\” debate, even confronting Hillary Clinton, etc. He\’s strong on his own
and his wife knows this, so they\’re willing to fight for it. She said it best
this morning.

But you\’ve still got asses like this
(via Digby)
who just don\’t get it. I remember well my mother fighting for over ten years
with horrible cancer. We used to celebrate every three months every time she
got a \”clean bill\” of health. In the end she succumbed, but she went
out fighting. Her heroism infuses my entire life, because if she hadn\’t fought
I don\’t know what would have happened to me. She went to work the minute her
treatments ended or her operations to lop off another part of her anatomy were
complete. Life went on, thank God, or I would have been destroyed. See, my father
died of cancer when I was young, so she was my whole world.

The courage of the entire Edward family is an inspiration, which includes their children, who will be forever changed by these events. But the policy views of John Edwards can stand on their own. Elizabeth knows this and is willing to fight for it.
It will also likely keep her alive longer. That\’s how this stuff works. It\’s
what heroes do and Elizabeth Edwards stands in a long line of heroic individuals
who fight ongoing diseases for the rest of their lives, however long they last.
Most do it in private, but when a public person gets to teach these lessons
we all gain a tremendous amount. It also says a lot about the man who wants to be president and all of it is good.

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