DC Democrats Slam Fox

This is huge. Paul Begala and Mark Mellman have both come out with columns
praising — that’s right — praising progressives on hitting back at Fox “News”
and dumping the presidential debate.

As a loyal Democrat and paid commentator on CNN, I am hopelessly biased —
but at least I admit it. The folks at Fox News, on the other hand, are just
as hopelessly biased — and they deny it. While I openly admit that I love
all things Clinton, think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is strong and brave,
see Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as Harry Truman reincarnated and don’t
believe George W. Bush would know the truth if it bit him on the ass, Fox
insults our intelligence by feigning fairness.

That’s why the Nevada Democrats did the right thing in refusing to allow
Fox to pretend it is a neutral host for a Democratic debate. The more Fox
is seen as “fair and balanced,” the easier it is for the network
to swift-boat Democratic candidates and propel misinformation into the mainstream
media. Thank God Democrats are finally growing a spine and fighting back.
No longer can Fox function as a Republican mouthpiece and expect us to put
it on stage as a neutral news source. Like I tell my kids: NHD — not happenin’,

To be clear, this is not a boycott, and it’s not about Democrats being afraid
to go on Fox. It’s about how Fox is presented to the public when it voices
its right-wing views. During the fight against Fox in Nevada, MoveOn suggested
a co-sponsored Fox/Air America debate. Perfect. An avowedly progressive media
outlet paired with the conservative Fox. The spirit of “Crossfire”
lives. But MoveOn’s compromise was not accepted, and ultimately Fox lost everything.
(read the whole thing)

Dems, It’s
Time To Go Fox Huntin’, by Paul Begala

More incoming…

Journalists strive to report the news, not to be the news. So Fox News should
have been a bit embarrassed to headline a story that ended with the Nevada
Democratic Party canceling Fox’s sponsorship of a pre-caucus debate.

Then again, Fox is not a typical news organization. There are first-rate
journalists at Fox, committed to accuracy, objectivity and fairness. However,
as a network, Fox’s prime commitment is to the triumph of conservative
politics, not to a well-informed public. From hiring hosts to selecting stories
to framing questions for discussion, Fox demonstrates its dedication to advancing
the ideological interests of the right.

As former Fox reporter/anchor Jon Du Pre put it in the documentary “Outfoxed,”
“We weren’t necessarily, as it was told to us, a newsgathering
organization so much as we were a proponent of a point of view … we
were there to reinforce a constituency.” … (read the whole thing)

Fox News coverage, by Mark Mellman

As Republicans fall apart, Democrats and progressives are coming together, forcefully.
There’s nothing we can’t accomplish when we join forces.