As I said yesterday, I needed a good laugh as the week closed out. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it on “Hardball.”

At one point in the show on Thursday the topic of discussion turned to a USAToday
. But no, it wasn’t about Hillary’s chances for president. It is one
of Chris Matthews’ favorite topics
, the Clinton marriage. It’s a renewing theme
on “Hardball” and it seems to make Chris Matthews giggle like a
little girl. For whatever reason, Matthews and people like Patrick Healy just can’t get over the
Big Dog’s big mistake of the 1990s. If Hillary has made peace* with it, why can’t they? Here
was one of the questions in the poll.

“Do you personally believe that since he left the White House, Bill
Clinton has learned his lessons from these scandals or is the same person
he always was?”

Greg Sargent, who also has the
, thinks it was a joke, however inane.

Actually, I don’t think it’s meant as a joke. I think it’s meant to hurt Hillary,
especially among some Democrats who think she’s too polarizing or that she
and Bill bring too much baggage, as is talked about in comment sections, but most particularly,
in the DC press. Matthews has done this before. Or maybe it’s that Clinton was interviewed by Keith and not Chris? Nah, that couldn’t be it.

The Clinton marriage has become a voyeuristic
hobby of Mr. Matthews and he brings it up whenever given the opportunity, accompanied by laughs and snide comments, as he then puts the DC Democratic pundit playing “Hardball” that day on the spot. According to Matthews, America is still fascinated
by Bill and Hill’s marriage, but most especially by Bubba’s alleged bad side, which
Chris simply knows is still in play, especially for voters. Actually, most people are sick of revisiting the ridiculous spectacle we all remember, compliments of a Republican Party that concentrated on Bill’s zipper instead of terrorism.

But what about that poll question; has Bill changed? Does it matter? That’s for primary voters to decide.

Chris is having fun, but it’s nothing less than a swipe at Bill meant to harm Hillary. Because when you look at the real numbers, voters not only believe
Bill Clinton is a huge asset, but that he’ll help Hillary. No one is looking back on Bill Clinton’s two-term presidency, especially when compared to Bush, as anything but a golden eight years. Some Democrats make the case that we lost clout in state legislatures, as well as the Senate and House, but our infrastructure problem didn’t start with Bill Clinton. However, only Chris Matthews would bring high school gossip into a political conversation and openly masquerade it as “hardball.”

* Correction made.