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Toon Terror in Boston

Toon Terror in Boston –updated below–

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Terrorism isn\’t funny. But one
city\’s terror alert is another city\’s joke. Boston freaked
. Seattle simply shrugged.

“Public Works found it and took it down and didn’t even
bother to call us” because the device didn’t appear to be threatening,
he said.
(via Cynical-CBlog)

Fighting terrorism around the world isn\’t funny either. However, Mr. Bush Terror Guy and
his administration have reduced the fight to a joke. Olbermann has dissected
the crossing of terrorism and politics, as used by Bush et al., on
\”Countdown\” over and over again. Remember the
? The Administration has reduced law enforcement in this country
to a hair trigger team of nervous Nellies.

God forbid if cops decide that a threat isn\’t
enough to bring out all the forces and something happens.

Heaven forbid police chiefs decide that a cartoon image doesn\’t seem quite
the threat. What if it turned out to be serious?

Lord knows what would happen if all this were caught LIVE AND BREAKING NEWS
on cable.

Overreact today. Cost comes due tomorrow. You can always bill TIME Warner for
your troubles and split second bad decisions.

Excuse me if I find Boston\’s finest and the people in charge of that city a
bit over the top in their reaction to the cartoon terror scare of yesterday.
Who exactly caused Boston to shut down? Seattle figured it out.

The American people also play a part in this farce, which has reduced our police
and first responders to quick draw forces who aren\’t allowed to reflect and
make judgments about whether every package left unattended is another 9/11 waiting
to detonate. The cable news shows don\’t help either. Up with the video they go, putting
Boston in the headlights, so that everyone in authority in Massachusetts immediately
has to decide if they want to be judged as soft on terrorism if something goes
wrong. The new governor, Deval Patrick, no doubt erred on the side of caution
and who can blame him or Boston\’s finest? Still, you\’ve got to wonder what the
hell our leaders are really doing, because a high school student could make
these types of judgments.

No offense to Seattle intended.

Under Junior, everything is a terror threat. Act on it. Worry if you\’re wrong later.

That\’s fine right up until the moment that you start talking about billing
TIME Warner for a marketing stunt that had the entire city of Boston, Massachusetts
running scared of a neon sign, because the leaders charged with protecting the
city were scared to make a mistake.

The two guys in the video above are sending a message in their press conference.
Question is whether anyone in Boston will appreciate the middle finger right
now. Odds are they won\’t. Cities have egos, too.

UPDATE (3:50 p.m.): You can\’t be serious. Is Menino nuts?

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