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Harry’s Huddle

Harry\’s Huddle

People need to quit referring to Joe Lieberman as a \”Democratic
He\’s simply a stubborn jackass who can\’t admit the plan for
Iraq is wrong. Period. Just because you won\’t turn away from a war dragging
your country down doesn\’t make you a \”hawk.\” It just makes you dumber
than dirt. James Webb is a hawk. Joe Lieberman is a chickenhawk. You don\’t get
points for following your convictions into the crapper. You earn your hawk status
by actually knowing something about the military, which is careening into the
desert quicksand, as Lieberman, Bush, et al. try to save face.

I know this is the ever swiftboating AP, which has been after Senator Reid
for a very long time, but this stance is untenable if true.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said Monday he wanted to delay
votes on a measure that would repeal the 2002 war authorization and narrow
the mission in Iraq.

Senior Democrats who drafted the proposal, including Sens. Joseph Biden of
Delaware and Carl Levin of Michigan, had sought swift action on it as early
as this week, when the Senate takes up a measure to enact the recommendations
of the bipartisan Sept. 11 commission.

Reid, who will huddle with Democrats Tuesday to discuss whether to postpone
the Iraq debate, cited pressure from victims\’ families for quick action on
the Sept. 11 bill as the reason for doing so.

\”Iraq is going to be there — it\’s just a question of when
we get back to it,\” Reid said, predicting it would be \”days, not
weeks\” before the Senate returned to the issue.
The war reauthorization
legislation also appears to lack the 60 votes it would need to pass the Senate.
… ..

back away from Iraq plan

\”Iraq is going to be there\”?

Yes and so will our soldiers.

But citing the 9/11 victims\’ families?

There are so many things in this AP article that sent my alarms ringing, it\’s
hard to know where to start. But that quote from Harry Reid is as good a place
as any. I hope to have verification that he said that by morning for you. It\’s
all I can do to keep from screaming for now, but I don\’t trust the AP, especially when it comes to Reid, so I\’m holding my rhetoric in check.

But let\’s just say that the Democrats are \”backing away\” from the
2002 war authorization repeal, in order to \”huddle\” and decide what\’s
next. Exactly what to the Democrats think should be next? Is there actually
any question about it at this point? Isn\’t it important enough to at least take the stand and make the push to end the Iraq war, regardless of Lieberman, Bush et al.?

The bottom line is this. D.C. Democrats don\’t want to do anything that leaves them with the responsibility
for the Iraq war. They want to walk into \’08 being able to say it\’s Bush\’s war,
without having any association with the coming carnage. Then they shouldn\’t have voted for it in \’02. They also want to wait out and force Bush
to redeploy troops if the blood letting continues, again so Bush takes the blame
he so surely deserves. So there\’s the reality that if the Democrats put forth
a plan like repealing the 2002 authorization that doesn\’t pass, they\’ll look
weak, with Reid not wanting to take ownership of the war, and nervous the repeal measure won\’t pass. Unfortunately, Levin and Biden have been announcing the plan for days, so it\’s a little too late for Reid to back off. Levin didn\’t vote for the war, and Biden wants a partition. What does Reid want? He better figure it out soon and lead the Democrats and this country forward or the price we\’ll pay will be enormous.

Meanwhile, we get \”Democratic hawk\” labels about Lieberman from,
along with \”Iraq is going to be there\” from the AP, and I haven\’t
even gotten to the Pelosi teaser in the piece.

All targets are aimed at the Democrats. Time to return fire.

Now read the \”bottom line\” in that paragraph above again. Get the feeling we\’re going in circles? Get the feeling Reid doesn\’t know how to get out of it?

It\’s always easier to plunge troops into a war than it is getting them out. You\’d think people would learn that by now. Too bad our politicians were more interested in preening like chickenhawks in 2002, because they were frightened of being called soft. It takes courage to step in and end a war. That\’s why it\’s still raging.

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