I.E.D.s and E.F.P.s and guns, oh my. Did you know there are weapons in Iraq? Weapons produced in other countries, too. I declare, this is shocking, shocking. Will someone get the news to the wingnut bloggers, because they're running around in their rhetorical firing squad again screaming about the obvious. Evidently, they haven't heard about the exploding black market in arms raging in Iraq. That's what happens when Republicans are put in charge of foreign policy these days. They forget that people need money and if all they have are weapons and guns they'll sell them for their supper.

A bunch of explosives and armament in Iraq, even if manufactured in Iran, doesn't mean Iran's government is starting -- wait for it -- a "soft war" with Iran. Soft war, you've got to love those conservatives and their determination to get another war going. They have such a way with words. But once again, they refuse to listen to the military. Instead, they prefer a circular conversation with each other, just like before the '06 election. Facts shall not impede wingnut bloggerland.

Again, General Peter Pace says not so fast, as we talked about yesterday.

Conservatives think they know better. Those military generals, they're just so silly. We've been here before.

But just as one debate is revving up on arms from Iran in Iraq, the war of words goes on unabated.

Senator Barack Obama of Illinois said Monday that he had misspoken when he suggested that the lives of more than 3,000 American soldiers killed in Iraq had been "wasted."

As he arrived in New Hampshire, Mr. Obama said he would "absolutely apologize" to military families if they were offended by a remark he made in Iowa while criticizing the Bush administration's Iraq policy. ... ..

Obama Restructures a Remark on Deaths

What's another word for "mistake"? Obama should ask Hillary Clinton, because she's got a million of them.