GOP on IRAQ: ‘I Don’t Want This Vote to Occur’

Wow. Republicans aren’t even trying to hide their unwillingness to stand up for our troops. It obviously doesn’t matter if we put them in the middle of a civil war in Iraq that even Oliver North — that’s right — thinks is a lose-lose for our soldiers. Never mind they don’t even have the armor (FRAG Kit 5) they need. All that matters to Republicans is saving face for Bush politically. Pathetic.

You’ll all remember I wrote that Democrats should call the Republicans’ bluff from the start. No one agreed, but I was right. Reid’s finally doing it.

After dithering and doing nothing, the Senate is being pushed to do something.
Leader Reid is finally forcing a Saturday up or down vote on Mr. Bush’s escalation,
by having a vote on Pelosi’s legislation that will be voted through the House
later today. Better late than never, though Senate Republicans are kicking and
screaming all the way. In fact, they’re making no secret that they don’t want
the vote to occur. It’s the height of irresponsibility by Senate Republicans,
which is likely why Senators Warner and Snowe, as well as others, are set to
join the Democrats in voting against escalation, even though their participation
is far too little too late.

The issue of Iraq roiled both sides of the Capitol yesterday. The House concluded
three days of debate and prepared to vote this afternoon on a nonbinding resolution
opposing the deployment of additional troops to Iraq, while affirming Congress’s
support for “the members of the United States Armed Forces who are serving
or who have served bravely and honorably in Iraq.”

Senate Republican leaders said they would urge their members to oppose the
Saturday vote, to protest Reid’s refusal to allow a vote on a pro-administration
resolution asserting that war funding would continue. Democratic leaders want
to call the bluff of a group of Republican senators who oppose the deployment
of additional troops but who voted with their party to block the earlier Democratic-led
resolution from coming to the floor.

Both leaderships have refused to budge, not wanting to relent on what they
agree is likely to become the year’s running narrative. “I don’t
want this vote to occur.
I think the timing is wrong, I think the
process is wrong, and I think the substance is wrong,” said Senate Minority
Whip Trent Lott (R-Miss.). …

Backs War Funds Only With Conditions

Meanwhile, Jack Murtha has just begun to fight. (Get a load of the picture Fox “News” uses of Murtha, trying to make the Democratic veteran look as rabid as possible. Yeah, Republicans “support the troops” all right; as long as their serving, silent and standing for propaganda photos.) Murtha obviously realizes that the American people didn’t kick out the ineffectual, self centered, rubber stamping Republicans just to see Democrats pass non-binding resolutions ad nauseam as our troops become sitting ducks in an Iraqi civil war. Go Jack. Show Steny how it’s done.