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Besieged on All Fronts

Besieged on All Fronts

From the Libby trial to the new Democratic Congress, the Republicans are under
siege. They\’re feeling it, too.

Laura Ingraham offered some prescient comments this past weekend, which I covered
on my radio show today. (Podcasts
are up.) First, she offered up a right-wing
on James Webb\’s SOTU reponse from a conservative. None of her female panel members were too happy with Ms. Ingraham\’s observations. They evidently prefer the wingnut echo chamber.

Ingraham then continued by explaining why James Webb scares the crap out of conservatives. It\’s obvious to some of us, but always good to have the other side cower.

Then Ingraham wondered out loud if Democrats had \”learned the lessons\” of past failed elections. She then said \”God forbid\” if the Democratic Party ever became a \”pro-life\” party. Never going
to happen, because our idea of being \”pro-life\” means helping the
poor, offering health care and investing in stem cell research, while not interfering
with the privacy of women and also reducing abortions, which is the ultimate goal. Frankly, I want to campaign and win in 50 states.
So if a \”pro life\” Democrat will support our party and a pro-choice
candidate, while having their own personal views against abortion, I say let
them run. If they can beat out a progressive in the primary and represent our
party, so be it.

But the trouble for Republicans goes beyond a Democratic Congress and a bad war.

The latest Libby dish makes me hope that Bush will indeed have to blunder into a pardon. It\’s yet another front on the war against the White House. They\’ve earned it.

P where and who was present?

Fl just Libby and me

P was anything discussed

Fl my plans what I was going to do in the private sector. Talked about sports,
football, both fans of the Dolphins. I don\’t remember if I brought up or Libby
brought up the briefing. I said I got asked about Wilson. I said what I was
asked by the OVP to say. What I recall Libby saying to me, reiterated that
VP did not send Wilson. Ambassador Wilson got sent by his wife, she works
at CIA, Works in CPD, I recall that he told me her name. This is hush hush
this is on the QT.

Live: Ari Fleischer One

Read the rest of Emptywheel\’s post. It\’s riveting.

But everywhere they look, the White House and Republicans are getting hit,
including the military. I cherish the emails I get from soldiers and their families. I received this email today. I\’m not providing the name for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, it doesn\’t exactly shine a good light on some of our people either.

First, I want to thank you for doing what you do and voicing your opinion
when it may not have been popular. I am writing to you as I have come across
your website in researching Iraq. My fiance is a Blackhawk pilot currently
serving in Iraq. He is not a Bush supporter nor a Republican, rather a West
Point grad who is serving his time until he can get out of the Army. Recently,
whenever we talk the discussion always leads to death. He is convinced that
the leadership there (and in D.C.) is so horrible that he is put into harms
way even more than necessary, considering he is already in danger by simply
being in Iraq. If the weather conditions are poor, and this is brought to
the commanders attention, the soldiers are called \”pussies\” and
told to get out there. Our government tells me to write a letter expressing
my concerns to the politicians. I have received a generic response from Clinton
and none from Rep Jim Walsh or from Schumer. As my fiance says, everyone supports
the troops, but no one is willing to bring them home. I want to know who will
listen to our concerns? Who is going to take responsibility for taking my
fiance away from me for a year and putting his life in danger?

Thank You,

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