Rasmussen has a slew of polls up, so it's important to look at the dates. Clinton has clearly moved ahead of the pack. Her opening salvo has worked. That said, one interesting poll has 60% of America believing we'll nominate another white guy.

Obama-mania may be fading a bit. Barack Obama (D), the charismatic freshman Senator from Illinois remains in second place in the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination. However, his support has slipped to 19% in the latest Rasmussen Reports Election 2008 poll. A week ago, Obama attracted support from 24% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters. The week before that, at the time Obama was making his interest in the race official, he had pulled to within a single point of the frontrunner.

New York Senator Hillary Clinton (D) remains where she has been from the beginning of the race—on top—and her lead has grown back to double-digit status. The latest national telephone poll by Rasmussen Reports shows Clinton with 33% of the vote, 14 points more than Obama's share.

Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards (D) remains in third place, but his support has fallen for the second straight week. Edwards now earns support from just 10% of those polled. That's down two points from a week ago and five points over the past two weeks. ... ..

2008: Clinton 33% Obama 19%

Right after Clinton announced and before her web chats the spread was 31% to Obama's 24%. She's also ahead big time in New Hampshire.

Insert your favorite "it's early" blah-blah-blah here.

As for Edwards, he's still getting heat about his house. Nothing is more ridiculous than saying Democrats can't enjoy their wealth. It wasn't a problem for the Kennedys, so it surely shouldn't be a problem for Edwards. At least when Dems live rich they also continue to work for the poor. Republicans not only live rich, but continue to screw the poor and the middle class while doing it. Oh, and I also guess benefiting from your own education and labor is good for them, but Dems are supposed to remain poor? Never mind that Edwards came from nothing. Does. Not. Count. The Republican hypocrisy continues.