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Katie Couric Debuts in White

So I hate to be a fashion snob, but shouldn't Katie know you don't wear white
after Labor Day? Sure, it was a jacket and not shoes, but I mean really. If
only that was Katie's only problem.

Color Katie uncomfortable, if you ask me. She seemed lurching in her dialogue,
unsure and highly scripted. Maybe that's the reason they broke out the leg shot.
It wasn't actually a case of stage fright, far from it, but she was also a mile
away from confident. Tepid from head to toe is more like it.

But at least she had a scoop… oh, and a blog!

Wow – that may have been a genius move. Tonight, on her first-ever broadcast
anchoring the CBS Evening News, Katie Couric upstaged herself with perhaps
the only news that could: Photographic evidence of a very real, very hairy
Baby Suri Cruise! I'm serious, did you see that mop? It's uncanny how much
she looks like Tom. Pretty big scoop for CBS, whether or not it's got the
“gravitas” chops the critics are slavering for.

CBS Evening News With Katie Couric — and SURI!

Proving that she's the girl, Ms. Couric whipped out the perfect tabloid topic.

Suri Cruise lives and Katie Couric's got her, or at least she has the picture.

I know many people don't care about Couric's debut, but for women it should
matter, though many aren't very impressed by CBS's efforts, nor does Ms. Couric's
presence inspire much awe. It didn't help that the main news of the night was

Referring to the CBS website throughout the broadcast, Couric punted the most
difficult moments to the viewers, which included what will be her sign off.
If you've got ideas, Couric wants them. Evidently coming up with her own “Good
Night, and Good Luck”
was a bridge too far for CBS's brand spanking
new nightly news broad.

Never mind the “gravitas” everyone wanted, where was Katie's spine?
She left it in her CBS locker, because the goal of CBS Nightly News is that
Katie just has to be liked.

Respect, evidently, is strictly for the boys.

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