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Average Joe’ Republican Elites

Bill Clinton was the real “average Joe.”
The American people and the world
love him for it.

If you didn't see Joe Scarborough last night you really missed
quite a display. An embarrassing performance of Republican elitism from MSNBC's
“Average Joe.” Average Joe, my… Complete with Anna Marie Cox, formerly
Wonkette, you really couldn't have gotten a more uppity, impressed with themselves
twosome. The subject was the unveiling of Bill Clinton's portrait. The two were
beside themselves. What they revealed said so much. For Joe, it was all tut-tut
Republican elitism, with Cox performing the role of gossip gal dishing the dirt
and saying the things “Average Joe” couldn't possibly utter. She performed well.
As for Joe, he unmasked the contempt Republicans truly have for people like
Bill, not just the president himself, but what Bill represents. You know, the
Ozark, middle America, up from nothing, no father, rising to Rhodes Scholar then
to president type, which is nothing short of the biggest threat to the Republican
Party ever seen. The American born from nothing that makes it all the way. What
it illustrates is that Republicans like to talk about being for the average man,
but their contempt for Bill Clinton shows their true feelings for the men and
women of middle America. Republicans are the party of the elites. They've just got a heck of a marketing plan.

Republicans think they own God, country, the flag, the military,
trucks, guns and apple pie. Bill Clinton dashed that reality on the sidewalk
in front of the White House. They made him pay for it, too. How dare a good
old boy from Arkansas get past us! He doesn't have the right creds. Listen to
him talk. He's a southerner, but not one of us. He's one of them. Look at the
way he dresses, his demeanor. He's just so, well, hick. Try hunk. At least Clinton
didn't need a cod piece, an aircraft carrier and a war to prove he is a man.

But last night, you could positively hear the contempt dripping
and the sarcasm spewing from “Average Joe's” puss, with Cox playing the perfect
part of the one who delivers the last insult, the punch line. But make no mistake about it,
what “Average Joe” and Cox (thank the gods for the spelling of her name) are doing
is looking down on the man who rose from nothing to become a beloved president
around the world. A man from Arkansas. I mean, really, Republicans just can't
abide that and the chattering class, which Cox represents, can hardly stomach
Bill's commonness.

But what does the portrait really say? It says, in your face.
I'm from Arkansas. I am who I am and the American people and the world think
that's good enough. I'm proud of my roots and my “mama.” Republicans,
however, still cannot take the power of President Clinton. Just listen to the
dripping disdain from two elites last night. The contempt is palpable.

COX: You know, it‘s true. Like, I actually have to say that I was talking
to some Democratic consultant today, and they‘re very upset about this
portrait. They‘re worried that this is the going to be thing, sort of
the image, the indelible image that people are going to have of Clinton throughout
the ages.

I told them, actually, I think it‘s probably going to be that, you
know, testimony, the videotaped testimony that‘s going to be the indelible
image we have from him through the ages.

But this is certainly quite an astonishing portrait. I looked at it, and
I thought—well, I had two thoughts. One is, how much did he pay for
that suit? Because the whole thing is very Men‘s Wearhouse, kind of
like the whole JC Penney catalog.

SCARBOROUGH: It‘s off the rack.

COX: Yes, totally off the rack. And then speaking of racks, you know, he
has this sort of gaze into the middle distance. You kind of wonder what it
is he‘s looking at. And then there‘s that finger in the belt loop,
which you referenced.

SCARBOROUGH: What‘s that about? Yes, what‘s that about?

COX: Well, it‘s unsavory, I think. You know, as some people have mentioned,
like, it looks like he‘s throwing a gang sign. Some people thought maybe
he‘s pointing at something. I kind of think maybe he‘s looking
for a quick-release catch. What do you think?

SCARBOROUGH: Well, I don‘t know. I do know this, though, that for probably
30 years, Ted Koppel reigned as the sexiest man in Washington. Look at the
comparisons here between Clinton and Koppel.

Remember “Spy” magazine, “Separated at Birth”? What‘s
this about? I just don‘t understand. This is a man who‘s been
trying very much to refurbish his image. I don‘t know that this is the
portrait that‘s going to do that, do you?

COX: It‘s very Bubba. It‘s very Arkansas, right down to the blue
shirt. I mean, like, the blue shirt for a formal portrait?

Scarborough Country

Someone needs to ask Joe what's so wrong
with Men's Wearhouse.
Lots of men shop there, as do women, especially
come Christmas. As for Cox's open contempt for people who shop through JC Penny
catalogs and the like, where was Joe on that comment? “Off the rack”
was his response. Oh, yes, buying “off the rack” is just such a shameful
thing to do. A president buying “off the rack” just like every other
American, the audacity! As for the Democrat consultant to whom Cox allegedly spoke, they're the reason we keep losing. Listening to a consultant's criticism of Clinton is the last thing we should do.

Republicans love to tout titles like “Average Joe” and they expect
the title to represent the philosophy and convince voters and Americans that
the title is true. Like when Republicans, especially Bush, start talking about being
the “Christian party.” Looking at their policies here and abroad nothing
could be further from the truth. Christian party? I don't think so.

Look at the elitist Republicans in power. Their
policies reveal the open contempt they have for working men and women, especially
the middle class, but also the poor. Why these same groups of people vote against
their best interests and for Republicans who think so little of them is beyond
me. Because the Republican elite, which make up most of the party, are laughing at them, and they're
doing it all the way to the bank.

UPDATE: Podcast on this post and Bill Clinton, the Democratic Party's real average Joe.

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