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The Dick Cheney Shooting Cover-Up Deepens

Saturday morning note… I'll have a “Nice try” post up soon re: some of the wingnuts who refuse to admit that we are right. Stay tuned…. Oh, one more thing, let me suggest a little reading while you wait. It's an important part of the equation. See the ruling Republicans just can't stand our blue collar questions. more soon….

Dick Cheney's Cover-Up Continues
We'll gladly listen to any serious arguments put forth challenging what we have offered, but…

A massive cover-up has been conducted concerning
the shooting. We know that most of the facts that have been told to the public
are manufactured frauds. Cheney claims that he shot Whittington at 90 feet,
ballistic tests from the spread of the shotgun pellets to their penetration
depth is 100% conclusive. The
Cover-Up via “Scientific Ballistics Test”

Alex Jones Video

The video is not downloading well at all, so we decided
to swipe it, giving full credit to Alex Jones and the people at INFOWARS.COM.
It's just too important a video not to have it accessible to as many people
as possible. That said, everyone needs to click on their link to show your appreciation
to what Mr. Jones put together in this video. I respect what he's put together,
but to say that it's an incredibly slow download is an understatement. Maybe
offering it across the web will help the overload so more people will see it.
Otherwise, it's just so frustrating to wait and keep attempting to download
it. (see update below)

As Alex Jones says and illustrates in the video, most of the bbs
go around the victim at 90 yards. In our
Dick Cheney field test, we discerned the same pattern, but we weren't
even been able to find a 28 in Las Vegas, so we were somewhat hindered in perfectly replicating the shooting.
Of course, we could order a 28 and rounds, but that would take way too long
for our purposes. Jones' video is very instructive, because it shows what we
uncovered through research and talking to gun experts ourselves. The bottom
line is that Dick Cheney was closer than 30 yards, something we've stipulated
from the start.
There are many
who believe this, with more and more people coming out to voice their

“The pieces of shot didn't even penetrate,” the rubber
dummy Alex Jones was using in his simulation video, shooting at 30 yards. Whittington
had on three layers of clothing, an undershirt, a jacket and a safety vest,
but Jones only used two layers of clothing. The pellets “simply bounced
off.” Some went in 1/10th of a millimeter, some went into the dummy 1 millimeter.
The rubber dummy simulates human skin rather closely.

Jones reminds us that Cheney says he wheeled 180 degrees around,
which is a real break in hunting rules. You never shoot anywhere but in front
of you, especially with hunters that are not in the hunting line, which was
the case with Cheney's hunting accident. Very few normal hunting rules were

Jones then shoots at different lengths away from the target. When
shooting at a raw chicken at 30 yards, the bb didn't even stay in the chicken.
As for the watermelon he shot, “just a few of the shot hit the watermelon.”
It went around 3 millimeters into the melon.

Alex Jones believes Whittington was shot at 15-18 feet. Our assessment,
after our field test, was around 15 feet as well. Though very hard to view,
this simulation is much better and more accurate than the previous
one offered
, though I understand it was well intentioned. It's just that
after our own research there is simply no way Dick Cheney was 30 yards away
from Mr. Whittington.

The evidence is amassing so that the mainstream media will have
to eventually pick this fact up, hopefully with other gun and bird experts weighing

One thing Jones also talks about is a one-foot area of birdshot.
But as Dr. Bernadine
said earlier this week, reports also show that Mr. Whittington was
hit in his lungs and liver, making the area closer to a two-foot pattern of
birdshot. This actually makes Jones' and our case stronger. In fact, Dr. Healy
said that Whittington was actually “shot in the heart,” throwing question
on the “mild heart attack” report, which others
have also questioned

As Jones also points out, as have doctors, it's impossible to
imagine the birdshot going through Whittington's three layers of clothing, his
skin, his muscle, ribcage, gristle, bones, the muscles around the heart, to
lodge in his heart. It just doesn't add up. We know the pellet couldn't have
drifted into the heart because the bbs were too large.

It's obvious that the reason Dick Cheney refused to talk to authorities
is he was covering something up. No other American could get away with ignoring
authorities after a shooting accident.

“Cheney's got a girlfriend” – Randi Rhodes

The first thing we now know he was hiding was the distance he
was away from Whittington. The under the influence angle also rings out as does
something else, which says so much about this man. Today on her show, Randi
Rhodes said that Dick Cheney is having an affair with Pam Willeford, who was
there on the ranch this past weekend. “Cheney's got a girlfriend,”
is the way Randi put it. She also topped it off with a big “eeeeewwwwww!”
I'm with her on that one. But it sure goes to the reality of just how
many things Cheney has to hide about this hunting accident.

Today, as you know, Whittington was kicked out of the hospital.
I say it that way because there can be no doubt that Dick Cheney and George
W. Bush needed Mr. Whittington out before the start of the weekend.

Here's Mr. Whittington's

“I’m sorry I delayed you, but
I know your role is to get the news out to the public. I compliment
you on what you’ve done.
I’ve read and seen many
of your reports and I know your job isn’t easy.
… However,
this past weekend encompassed all of us in a cloud of misfortune and
sadness that is not easy to explain
– especially to those who
are not familiar with the great sport of quail hunting. … My family and I
are deeply sorry for all that vice president Cheney has had to go through this
past week. We send our love and respect to them as they deal with situations
that are much more serious than what we’ve had this week. “

If you ask me, this gentile, Austin lawyer is trying to tell us
all something. We should listen.

UPDATE: One note I'd like to add. We questioned the 30 yard distance from the very beginning, as many others did who are now appearing on cable. This happened long before the Alex Jones video appeared. In fact, he's a little late on the draw on this one. But it is an important element to add to the bulk of information already available. Alex Jones has put forth many a conspiracy theories in his time, no doubt. You will have to consider that as well as you view the video. I certainly did.

UPDATE II: Will They go to Court?

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