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Politicizing Tragedy, Gowdy Finds Nothing New Against Clinton

“President Obama has said his worst mistake was ‘failing to plan for the day after … intervening in Libya.’ As a result of this ‘lead from behind’ foreign policy, the Libyan people were forced […]

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SCOTUS Cements SELF-DETERMINATION for Women… Clinton and Warren Respond

“Most of all she has a good heart… and that’s why I’m with her.” – Senator Elizabeth Warren

WHEN I found myself needing an abortion, I had to drive over 300 miles to get it. […]

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Leave Wins on Brexit — World Slack-Jawed

“Go, go now,” – Nigel Farge, responding in an interview on what he has to say to PM David Cameron (via MSNBC)

NEVER DOUBT the power of emotional anger when combined with nationalism and set […]

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Paul Ryan’s Blundering Speakership

“…to carry the water for the NRA… is a dangerous road to travel down.” – Nicole Wallace on “Morning Joe”

WHO KNEW Speaker Paul Ryan would be so clueless as a leader?

The same House has […]

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John Lewis Leads Dems in Historic Sit-In, as Donald Trump Rails at Clinton

Hillary Clinton who, as most people know, is a world class liar – just look at her pathetic email and server statements, or her phony landing in Bosnia where she said she was under […]

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Ivanka Rules — Trump Fires Lewandowski *Updated*

As of May 31, Trump had just $1.3 million in the bank, versus $42 million for Hillary Clinton, according to last night’s filings with the Federal Election Commission; Trump and his outside groups […]

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Sex Before Friendship

RULES FOR romance are a trap.

Desires and the seduction techniques we use to manifest satisfaction vary depending on our mood.

And anyone who thinks friendship starts in a romance before the fireworks isn’t doing […]

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Trump’s Sister Souljah Act on Guns

“We have to make sure that people that are terrorists or have even an inclination toward terrorism cannot buy weapons, guns.” – Donald Trump [ABC News]

RIDING THE public mood like a fifteen-year-old on a […]

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Syria’s Shadow Gets Darker, Sanders’ Voice Fades

“Many people working on Syria for the State Department have long urged a tougher policy with the Assad government as a means of facilitating arrival at a negotiated political deal to set up a […]

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