As you’ve likely noticed over the last year, the topics now venture well beyond the political, which will always be a central theme, because it’s in my bones due to the time in which I grew up. Even my new book, though it’s not political, deals with the politics of sex. The interaction between men and women and how we navigate the modern world of equality, which includes everything from our relationships to politics, from the web to the workplace, to understanding sexual harassment, as well as the psychology of cheating. Over at Huffington Post you can check out the post that has over 9.8k Facebook shares, which gives you a glimpse of my new book (also translated into Spanish at El HuffPost). This space has always been my creative laboratory, going back to 1996 when I started providing content on the web. This latest incarnation honors the path I now find myself navigating. We’ll just have to see where we go from here.

FIRST TIME: On sale now for $1.99!  Do you know what happened the first time around?

FIRST TIME EVER: Only $1.99!
Do you know what happened the first time around?

“Women are caught between feminism and the pornification of America, and men are, too. I spent my youth squatting on a pedestal. I’ve been a Relationship Consultant and one of the first editors online writing about sex and politics during the Monica Lewinsky craziness, so I know what women want, and how men think. Too many experts are giving old fashion advice that no longer applies. From dating and sex, to office romance, and sexual harassment, I know the language of relationships, including the psychology of cheating. I learned the truth in the trenches.” – Taylor Marsh

A Brit’s View: Supermarket Stupidity

Last time I checked supermarkets are for the exclusive use of everyone. This past week two of the UK’s biggest grocers decided to take a different approach when it comes to gay and blind […]

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Midterm Election Jitters, Conservatism, and Clinton’s Advantage

And Republicans might benefit from the Ebola panic for another, more existential reason: A growing body of literature in psychology suggests that feelings of fear make people’s political outlook more conservative. [The New Republic]


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Africa’s Nightmare is Ebola, America’s is Sen. Ted Cruz

“Of course we should have a surgeon general in place,” [Senator Ted] Cruz responded. “And we don’t have one because President Obama, instead of nominating a health professional, he nominated someone who is an […]

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The Number One Mistake Women Make in Online Dating Ads

First published on Huffington Post

WHEN NO one answers your online ad there is no reason to feel rejected, especially when you’re doing all the wrong things.

I’m an expert, having been Relationship Consultant to […]

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A Brit’s View: Irrational Fear of Ebola hits Britain

The irrational fear of Ebola (IFE) has finally made it to British shores. Exposure to this ailment, although not fatal, has an effect on a person’s brain allowing all calm, rational, intelligent thought to […]

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Brianna Wu, Feminist Video Game Critics, Face Death Threats in Gamergate [Content Warning]

Not until Tuesday, though, did Ms. Sarkeesian feel compelled to cancel a speech, planned at Utah State University. The day before, members of the university administration received an email warning that a shooting massacre […]

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The Vatican, Gays and Conservative Catholic Bigots

“Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community. Are we capable of welcoming these people, guaranteeing to them a fraternal space in our communities? Often they wish to encounter a church […]

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2nd Texas Health Presbyterian Nurse Who Treated Thomas Eric Duncan has Ebola *Updated*

The CDC has announced that the second healthcare worker diagnosed with Ebola — now identified as Amber Joy Vinson of Dallas — traveled by air Oct. 13, with a low-grade fever, a day before […]

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A Brit’s View: Dick Pics, Rape Truthers, & Palestine

Before I get to dick pics and rape ‘truthers’, some important news from Westminster. Palestinians the world over rejoice, Britain has decided to recognize your country as a country. I say Britain, but I […]

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