“A writer is someone who is interested in all the arts, in politics, and of course the psychology of people. Someone passionate about everything.”
– Susan Sontag, Radio France Interview (“Regarding Susan Sontag,” from HBO)

An excerpt from the latest book by Taylor Marsh:

…This is the heart of infidelity – physical lust and longing that are separate from love. Having the ability to live in the eye of passion blocking all else out, not allowing the complications of feelings and emotions to enter the arena of desire. Nothing exists but two human animals finding their way to erotic release. Carnality can catch you up in its vortex where you find yourself doing things you never dreamed of before. Sexual acts of unbounded moral lethality or unlimited imagination can take you over a pleasure cliff you never knew existed, and over which you feel you have no control. When an affair is moored in the physical alone, no earthly responsibilities attached, the escape works like a narcotic. It becomes an obsession, and is equally as deadly as any drug. […]

Hillary Tweets Release The Emails, as AP Report Now Questioned

OKAY, SO when the Associated Press reported that Hillary Clinton owned private servers it didn’t seem that far fetched to me considering Clinton’s position. But then I started thinking… I’ve had my own private […]

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A Brit’s View: “Plebgate” MP Pays Damages

I thought this story had finally died away. Apparently not. “Plebgate” is still rumbling on, no doubt to the annoyance of the man at the center of it.

Today that man, the former Tory chief […]

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Hillary Hit Pieces, Emily’s List Cry, and What Women Face in Washington

President Barack Obama signed a bill last year that bans the use of private email accounts by government officials unless they retain copies of messages in their official account or forward copies to their […]

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Clinton’s Private Email Correspondence Hardly Unique *Updated*

The State Department has long had access to a wide array of Secretary Clinton’s records – including emails between her and Department officials with http://state.gov/ accounts,” [Deputy State Department spokesperson Marie Harf] said in […]

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Circus Bibi Hits Washington

WHIPPING UP the American news media, circus Bibi hits Washington in what can only be described as a frenzied performance set up by a gullible oterie of caterwauling Iranian fearmongers, aka the Republican Party, […]

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CNN Obtains O’Reilly Audio that Raises Questions About JFK Story

In his 2012 book “Killing Kennedy,” O’Reilly wrote that he knocked on the door of a South Florida home when suddenly he “heard the shotgun blast that marked the suicide” of George de Mohrenschildt, […]

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Gov. Scott Walker Sets Himself on Fire at CPAC, Compares ISIS to Union Protesters

“We need have someone who leads and ultimately will send a message that not only will we protect American soil, but…freedom-loving people anywhere else in the world. We need that confidence,” he said. “If […]

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A Brit’s View: Glitter Jailed for Sex Abuse

Today brings news of two of Britain’s most high profile child sex abusers, and some additional information about a Catholic priest.

I’ll start with Gary Glitter who this afternoon was jailed for 16 years after […]

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Leonard Nimoy, Known for Spock, Photographer of Nude Women as Feminine Image of God

THERE IS not much to say, because the work and legendary character portrayal of Leonard Nimoy says it all.

We should feel grateful that Zachary Quinto does such a remarkable job stepping in as the […]

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