Taylor Marsh is an author and speaker, political writer, and relationship expert. Marsh was profiled in the Washington Post and the New Republic, which led to her second book, The Hillary Effect, that chronicles Clinton’s rise and the sexism she faced during the 2008 campaign. Her latest book, The Sexual Education of a Beauty Queen – Relationship Secrets from the Trenches chronicles over ten years inside the dating, sex and relationship worlds, where Marsh demystifies the challenges women face, from career and relationship demands, to finding personal fulfillment, offering solutions, as well as finally answering whether women can “have it all.”

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Republican Right “Frags” Kevin McCarthy

“Over the last week it has become clear to me that our conference is deeply divided and needs to unite behind one leader. I have always put this conference ahead of myself. Therefore I […]

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Being the First Black President in a #BlackLivesMatter Moment

Obama has a famous swag. It’s a signal he sends with his walk that says, ‘I got this.’ He had it with trade, immigration, health care. But he doesn’t have it when he talks […]

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On PBS, Clinton Comes Out Against TPP

A White House official told MSNBC that Clinton’s staff gave the president’s team a heads up Wednesday, but would not go into more details. “The politics of the trade issue, particularly on the Democratic […]

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Who Wants to Hurt Joe Biden?

IT WAS a hit piece meant to do as much damage to Vice President Joe Biden as possible. How could it have been anything else? Unless you believe the grief over […]

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Justice Department to Release 6,000 Non-violent Drug Offenders

The Justice Department is set to release about 6,000 inmates early from prison — the largest one-time release of federal prisoners — in an effort to reduce overcrowding and provide relief to drug offenders […]

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Clinton Ad Shoves Benghazi Committee Down Republican Throats

The 30-second spot is the first one that the campaign is running nationally on cable television, underscoring the political gold mine that Clinton’s team senses in McCarthy’s comments. The 30-second spot is the first […]

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As Sanders Draws 20,000 in Boston, Clinton Starts Gun Fight *Updated*

THE ONE thing I think Hillary Clinton needs more than anything is a tough primary race, because winning the nomination without one won’t make her stronger in the general election. Bernie Sanders, the […]

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Carly Second to Trump in New Hampshire, Sanders First, Clinton Leads in Iowa

Though Mrs. Clinton remains popular in the party, especially among those who want to see a first female president, Mr. Sanders’s call for a “political revolution” and his consistently left-wing policy ideas are inspiring […]

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Pope Francis Met with Gay Student & Spouse, as Vatican Says Kim Davis Meet Not Endorsement of Views

In a statement on Friday, the Vatican said that the meeting with Davis was not intended as a show of support for her cause and said “the only real audience granted by the Pope […]

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