Taylor Marsh is an author and speaker, political writer, and relationship expert. Marsh was profiled in the Washington Post and the New Republic, which led to her second book, The Hillary Effect, that chronicles Clinton’s rise and the sexism she faced during the 2008 campaign. Her latest book, The Sexual Education of a Beauty Queen – Relationship Secrets from the Trenches chronicles over ten years inside the dating, sex and relationship worlds, where Marsh demystifies the challenges women face, from career and relationship demands, to finding personal fulfillment, offering solutions, as well as finally answering whether women can “have it all.”

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Elizabeth Warren’s Boston Interview Brimming with Political Possibilities

WAS THERE any talk of a joint ticket, even jokingly?

Senator Warren paused, took another moment the said, “It was a… a… long conversation.”

Watch the interview with Senator Warren, by Globe reporter Joshua Miller. […]

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Clinton 2008 IT Aide to Plead the Fifth on Server Questions

THIS PRODUCES a political problem for Team Clinton more than anything else. It’s hard to blame the guy, but what’s good for Brian Pagliano creates a political opportunity for Hillary Clinton’s Republican rivals.

From […]

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Jeb Versus Trump, Game On

“I like Jeb,” Trump said. “He’s a nice man. But he should really set the example by speaking English while in the United States.” [Breitbart]

EVERYONE IS asking what is Jeb! thinking? I’d say […]

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NFL and “Concussion,” Director Rebuts New York Times

“I have seen the movie. As one who has followed, and commented on, this issue, it doesn’t appear to me many punches were pulled.” – Bob Costas

THE TRAILER has been released for Concussion from […]

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Political Move of Summer: Trump “Emasculating” Jeb!

“Look, Jeb Bush was a very successful governor, he’s a thoughtful man, he was a good, conservative governor. But every day, Donald Trump is emasculating Jeb Bush, and Republican primary voters are not going […]

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Poll: Sanders Closes in on Clinton in Iowa

WHILE DONALD TRUMP has a wide lead among Republicans, Ben Carson slowly and steadily rises. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders continues to chip away at Clinton’s Iowa lead. Sanders is in […]

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Hillary: GOP Extreme Views on Women What’s Expected from Terrorists

CONSIDERING that Republicans in one state after another have purposefully and methodically targeted women for state interference, voting to inhibit a woman’s sovereignty over her own body, Clinton didn’t mince words.

“Now, extreme views about […]

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Hillary on Email Controversy: “I Get It”

“I’m not running for President Obama’s third term. And I’m not running for my husband’s third term. I’m running for my first term.” – Hillary Clinton in Ohio

IT WAS a moment in Iowa that […]

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Josh Duggar, Ashley Manning, and the Stripper, Porn Star Mistress

Josh, identified as one of the cheating spouses in the Ashley Madison hack, confirmed in a statement that he was unfaithful and had a pornography addiction: “I have been the biggest hypocrite ever. While […]

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